25 Most Popular Cake Decorating Conversations Of 2016

Take a look back at the 25 Most Popular Cake Decorating Forum Conversations of 2016 on Cake Central.

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SOOOOO cool that so many of those are the FNCC!! I do hope that more decorators will join us each Friday night to share photos of your work, talk about your week, help out if you can or ask for help if you need it!!



Hi All,

I'm Planing to make 3 tried  cake for my Son birthday Party, Cake type is Fondant cake with some decoration on it. here my concern is i don't want to make fondant cake day before the party, how many days before the party i can make fondant cake (with full decoration?) ... i will be using icing on cake and then put fondant.

Please provide information and use full tips for successful completion of cake.

Thank you!