Top 25 Cake Central Commenters of 2016

These Cake Central users made the most comments in 2016.  Whaddyaknow? I made the list!

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A-yah-yah. ..instead to winn some cake commpetition, I won badge for talking a lot.  Hahaha.  But hey, thank You CakeCentral for teach and coach me and make me better with my each new cake. 

Love you and Happy New Year to all of you.  

Tnks Jackie


Since 2010, this site and the cake people who frequently offer suggestions, help, tutorials, advice, recipes, enthusiasm, support, understanding, laughter and friendship, have been a blessing.

Happy 2017 Fellow Cakers!


Thank you, CC. I've learned so much and am grateful for the opportunity to pass on info to others. I also appreciate being able to engage with others who are afflicted with the addiction of cake porn.