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  • Pb&j Cake Vanilla cake with peanut butter and strawberry jelly filling and modeling chocolate decorations
  • Diaper Bag Half chocolate and half vanilla cake with Bavarian creme and chocolate creme fillings and modeling chocolate decorations
  • Summer Picnic Watermelon and pineapple birthday cake. Everything is edible.
  • 60Th Birthday Cake Vanilla and chocolate cakes with Bavarian creme filling and champagne flavored buttercream
  • Milk Carton Vanilla cake with Bavarian creme filling and Champagne flavored buttercream and modelling chocolate and edible image decorations
  • Christmas Cake Cream cheese flavored cake and frosting
  • Twin Cakes Vanilla cakes with Fondant decorations
  • Baby Girl Cupcakes Vanilla cupcakes with modeling chocolate decorations
  • Black And White Cake Champagne flavored cake with cream cheese buttercream and modeling chocolate decorations
  • Baby Shower For Girl vanilla cake with modeling chocolate decorations
  • Cruise Ship Princess flavored cake with modeling chocolate decorations
  • Baby Dedication Cake Fondant monkey theme

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  • Special Events Catering All Donations I try to pay if forward when ever I can these are several event that I catered. 4-h events: cookies, cupcakes, cakes
  • Unicorn Cake The ever popular unicorn cake
  • Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Double 5inch Rudolph cake.
  • Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Double 5inch Rudolph cake.
  • Fruit Tarts I serve two sizes of fruit tarts an individual, party tart serves, 4-8 people I also have different shapes.
  • Unicorn Cake And Cupcakes I made a few Unicorn cakes and cupcakes I use the mirror glaze technique and the cupcake are surprise cupcakes filled with sprinkles
  • Graduation Cake And Cup Cakes This is for a young man who was Graduating he played baseball and is going to a farm team. So his mom wanted something special that no one...
  • Father's Day Treats Father's Day pie, and mirror glaze cakes
  • Pie As Art For Special Events I have made pies for all occasions. My customers really like the special attention to make each one different and personalized.
  • Butterflies Butterfly cakes the mini cake has a decorated cookie on top
  • Hand Painted Cookies I am going to include several different ones I have painted.
  • 2 Different: Plemon, Blueberry, Ganache Cakes This is my husban's favorite cake and it is also becoming one of the most ordered cake in our shop.

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