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  • Trinker Bell Hi everyone , this is my latest piece ,hope you like it!
  • Hanging Cakes Hanging Cakes
  • Grad Hat Cake For College Graduate Graduate decorated her hat; so her mom sent me photo to replicate it on a cake. This is a 9 inch square cake.
  • Graduation Cake Grad Cake I was asked to make
  • Baby Shower Cake Cute gender neutral baby shower cake
  • Bird's Nest This is one of my favorite cakes. I had so much fun doing this one because I got to pick the colours :)
  • Graduation Cake sheet cake
  • Hello Kitty, Again My third Hello kitty cake
  • Unicorn Cake Been wanting to try one of these unicorn cakes for awhile. Did this one last minute for my son's Spring fair. They ended up putting it...
  • Graduation Cake Sheet cake
  • Lina's 24Th Birtdhay Cake It was so hot that day that the 2 top tiers collapsed on the lower tier during the delivery from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv and I had to redo it...
  • May The Fish Be With You A bucket of fish for a few of my parent's friends. The bucket is all cake covered in fondant (see photos) and the fish are fondant...

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  • Sesame Street Fairly easy Sesame Street cake! All buttercream with fondant accents
  • Wedding Anniversary Cake Plain sponge cake with vanilla flavour, White and ruby colour
  • Shitzu Birthday Cake fondant Shitzu dog topper which is my daughter-in-laws little girl
  • Four Cakes For One Teacher Year End Party Four cakes for four teachers.
  • Retirement Cake For Guidance Counsellor Retirement cake for a guidance counsellor. Her hobbies were sewing and curling.Fondant pieces.
  • Clarinet Cake For A Music Teacher Clarinet made out of fondant. Going away cake for a teacher, going back to graduate school.
  • Retirement Cake For A Walker Retirement cake for a teacher that walks in all sorts of weather.Shoes made out of fondant
  • Bucket Of Wings Bucket of Wings. Wings made out of fondant Retirement cake for a teacher who always cooked deep fried Wings at our socials.
  • Art Show Cake Slab cake with some primary colour markers and paint cans.Markers Made out of fondant.
  • Mickey Mouse Giant Cupcake Giant cupcake mold
  • Stars | Sweet Prodigy These are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing stringwork. The colour is a combination of Wilton's kelly green and royal blue with...
  • Lighthouse Anniversary Base layers are cake and the lighthouse is made from rice krispie treats. All are covered in fondant. The sand is just graham crackers and...

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