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I have made alot of these for parties, weddings & other events. People love them because they not only taste good but the overall appearance is intriguing.  I have taught some of my friends for last minute desserts for them to do but some cheat (& that's fine when you don't have time) they buy the pastry shells pre-made from a baking supplier, fill them at times with vanilla or chocolate pudding when they don't have a pastry cream, some have used preserves that also works. Place them on a styrofoam cone (really cheap at a hobby or craft store (even Walmart) & in place of spun sugar which is an act in itself to achieve unless you have done it many times before (your kitchen can get quite covered with flying sugar as well)  what I do for weddings is I make my sugar flowers & have them climbing down or silk flowers you can use or even fresh & just drape them in a "S" pattern top to bottom & that makes for a beautiful display as well as quite an eye catcher.  One thing is tho I feel it is better when making your own pata choux I always  let them dry in the oven a bit as sometimes the inside is still wet & with a filling can make for a soggy pastry. Just make a little sugar syrup, dip them in slightly to adhere to one another or just adhere with a toothpick tucked in closer to one another.   We have done these in other forms of pastry as well such as mini holes of doughnuts, truffles, fruit, it's fun to play with.  It is known as  the traditional wedding cake of France.