Easy Edible Geode Tutorial

Learn how to make an edible crystal geode rock with Candy Ramirez.

What i used to make these colorful Geodes...

White fondant
Gray/Black marbleized fondant
Mini fondant roller
Sugar crystal sprinkles of choice (i love gold the best)
Exacto knife (to trim the edges and give a cleaner look when dried)
Circle cutters (depends on how big you want them)
Tinfoil (to shape the fondant)
Fondant mat (fat daddios on amazon)
Edibel Glue (recipe below)
Candys Edible glue recipe:
1oz of gumpaste
1/3 c. Water
1/8 c. Powder sugar
Mix gumpaste and water in a bowl. Microwave 10sec intervals til completely dissolved.
Take out and add powder sugar. Set aside for 5-10min. Ready to use!
-when geodes are completely dry, use an exacto knife to cut edges to give it a cleaner more geode look.

Video By Candy Ramirez


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