Saint Patrick's Day Leprechaun Cupcakes

Follow Zoe as she shows you these step-by-step leprechaun cupcakes. This leprechaun is complete with ginger hair and beard, rosy cheeks and a hat with a buckle. You can make this topper with tools you already have at home, you'll be surprised how easy and quick it is.

Tools & Materials

Cupcake frosted with buttercream

Gel food coloring, copper, orange, green, black, yellow



Circle cutters

Paring knife

Rolling pin

Fondant modeling tool

Petal dust, pink

Paint brush, small

Purple cupcake domes - 

Video By Zoes Fancy Cakes

Comments (2)


Great tutorial, thank you! It appears fairly simple, although I know in the real world it would take a bit longer. I love to create custom toppers like this but they can be time consuming, say for a dozen or two. I would like to know what you charge for one of these toppers. (I understand it varies based on market, but would still like to know). Will you please share?