Buttercream Succulents Tutorial

We love this tutorial for buttercream succulents by Vanessa from Cake Style. Now you can have your succulents and eat them too.

Video By Cake Style

How cool is this concrete pot full of succulents? The best part, you can eat it!!

* 8" Ball pan cake - using our vanilla cupcake recipe (cakestyle.tv/vanilla-cupcakes-with-dark-chocolate-frosting/)
* Sweet Buttercream - youtu.be/D64OhiUe4f4
- Concrete grey 1lb 1oz (500g) Americolor Super Black
- Another 3lb 3oz (1.5kg) of various colours
~ Greens using Sugarflair Spruce Green, Sugarflair Eucalyptus, Americolor Forest Green, Americolor Leaf Green, Americolor Avocado
~ Yellow using Americolor Egg Yellow and Sugarflair Autumn Leaf
~ Copper using Sugarflair Autumn Leaf and Americolor Maroon
~ White using Americolor Whitener
* Piping bags
* couplers
* Piping tips No. 2, 21, 80 (Loyal brand),102, 104, 150, 199, 352, 4B, 1M
* Flower nail
* Cookie sheet
* Parchment paper squares
* 4" and 8" Round cake plates
* 10" Round cake board
* Pink chocolate rocks

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Nice job, you make it look easy. I like the way you flip the cake over to put the board (s) on it, and put a board on the top until you are ready to finish it. What do you think about putting cakes in the freezer before crumb coating? 


Hi Dear

Very nice work, i was wondering what is the measurement u used for this particular cake? can u please put the exact measurement. Thanks


Eeman Aloloum