2017 Most Followed Cake Decorators on Cake Central

2017 Most followed cake decorators


These Cake Central members received the most new followers in 2017

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Now, this really IS a surprise!  Thank you and sugar hugs to everyone who has done me the honor of a follow and to Cake Central!


Seems unbelievable that I was included, everyone is jyst so amazing, I love seeing what’s next in the group. Thank you everyone, and thank you yobthe Caje Central Team, you’ve provided more motivation for me with this simple acknowledgement! 


I am proud and honored to be in this selected group.  Thanks each and everyone.  Congratuation to all of us.  Let's go and make new and better creatoins.  


I'm extremely honoured , once again, to be included in this list. Congratulations to all! 

Thank you s  much Cakes Central !! <3