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  • Floral Cake These are absolutely my favourite cakes to make!
  • Baby Shark Cake I live in fear of this song after making this cake! Turned out so fun, though!
  • Blue Geode Cake Okay I have been making a lot of geodes - haha. I am still finding crystals on the floor. Oof!
  • Burgundy Geode Cake One of my favourite geode cakes because of the topper which came together last minute!
  • Harry Potter Birthday My favourite theme ever! Harry Potter is such a classic I was so excited to make the details for this one. All edible!
  • Chinese Zodiac First Birthday Cake This cake was requested to match the birthday baby's Chinese Zodiac sign of the rooster!
  • Twin Fondant Drip Cake Custom cake for twin clients that both love sweets!
  • Swamp & Snakes Wedding Cake By far the coolest wedding cake request to date! Custom details include the fully edible snake couple!
  • Unicorn My Little Pony Cake Two-tier birthday cake for a unicorn loving 6 year old!
  • Legend Of Zelda Cake I made this for my brother -the biggest gamer I know!
  • 3Rd Birthday Dinosaur Cake Dinosaur cut-out cake for a 3rd birthday! Really happy with how this went because I was initially not sure what I was going to do!
  • Gold & Black Semi-Naked Mechanic Cake Two-tiers of lemon cake and vanilla buttercream - decorated to match the clients cake topper for their dads surprise 60th birthday party!
  • Reeses Peanut Butter Explosion Cake My Kinder Egg cake is probably my most popular cake so I was so happy when a client ordered this style of cake again - just with peanut...

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