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kakeladi Posted 16 Mar 2020 , 8:32pm
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Thought I'd bring the discussion here instead of the long post where we have been discussing the virus problems.   

Today again I'm at the library.......there are at least 3 different one I can drive to.....I usuallyonly use 2 of them.....right now this is the 2nd one; I was at the little local neighborhood one from about 10-12 so now I have another 2 hrs here :)   They have a sign that all planned programs have been cancelled but will continue to have regular hours for the library.  They have reducted the working computers - shutting down every other one *in order to keep social distancing*.    Judging by the # of cars in the parking lot about 1/2 the normal amount of people are here.   

I just stopped at Costco......it is very busy.  They have taken out the tables where one could sit in the food court to eat what you have purchased.  I really didn't like them as they are never cleaned - drops & drizzles of food all over them.  I'm sure they will be back in a couple of months when this problem calms down. 

Soi how are you finding things in your neck of the woods??

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kakeladi Posted 16 Mar 2020 , 11:27pm
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Further update: Before the 2 hrs ended everything changed The computers went haywire & they cut the hrs the library will be open Don’t know if they will be open tomorrow We’ll see

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SandraSmiley Posted 16 Mar 2020 , 11:48pm
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We went to Food Lion and Walmart today.  We have to go to both every week to buy cat food because neither carries enough for our needs.  There was still a lot of food to be had, but not a stitch of toilet paper or paper towels.  I had to buy organic, free range eggs, which is fine but not what I usually buy, and there were only maybe five cartons of them left between the two stores.  There was no milk or buttermilk, fresh or powdered.  I was looking for powdered buttermilk with which to cook.  Of course, I can live without that.  Oddly, there were plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables!  Go figure, hoarders do not eat a healthy diet!

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kakeladi Posted 17 Mar 2020 , 1:04am
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Well daughter came home from her part time job ( she usually takes care of a friend’s mom while the couple work) & announced she is putting me on lockdown She will not allow me to leave the house She spent the day running around to stores trying to find her friend some food/supplies while friend refused to leave her home :) So I guess the next few weeks will be very boring Our weather is bad now too

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cakefan92 Posted 17 Mar 2020 , 1:21am
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We had to go to a 2nd store yesterday for cat food as well - we feed a few strays around our house.  I got the strangest looks when my husband asked me if we needed any meat and I said no, we have enough in the freezer.  What? I don't need more? And I have enough TP for a month and don't need more?  There must be something wrong with me. The only things at HEB that were completely gone were bread and water. (I didn't check the toilet paper.)

I'm wondering what's really going on.  I honestly believe this coronavirus hooey is a deflection and a distraction.  We've had much worse and much more fatal illnesses over the last 30 years and never had such hoopla.  It seems like they gave the story to the media and encouraged them to get stupid with it. And they didn't disappoint. I'm not saying that people aren't really sick and I know that 72 (last I heard) have died in this country. But that's very few compared to the 18,000 who have died from the flu in the last couple of years.  So what's going on that they need this kind of diversion? I'm not looking forward to finding out.

Hubby and I still go to work every day.  His hasn't changed much at all, but I work for an oilfield company and there's quite a few people holding their breath and wondering if they'll have a job next week. As far as I know, the closest case of the virus is in Abilene which is about 150 miles away.  I refuse to worry and change my ways totally.  I've always washed my hands a lot - I think all bakers probably do - and I don't like people anyway so I'm good.

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doz Posted 17 Mar 2020 , 2:39am
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I live in Michigan and as of tonight all libraries,movie theaters,restaurants and bars are closed.  Restaurants are now take out only.  And like with most other people its a struggle to get toilet paper and disinfectants.  I have to give the stores credit for the effort made to keep the shelves stocked.I live in a county that so far has only one documented case but are waiting for results on about 20 others   

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MBalaska Posted 17 Mar 2020 , 2:58am
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To the prepared, no explanation is necessary. To the surprised, no explanation is possible.

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kakeladi Posted 17 Mar 2020 , 10:15am
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kakeladi Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 2:15pm
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Anyone not in isolation—either self-imposed or otherwise? Anyone still baking/filling orders? Here in central CA I am sort of in lockdown—as dictated by daughter:) So far no mandated “shelter in place” directive but it has been strongly suggested

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theresaf Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 6:01pm
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I am on Long Island, New York.  I am sorry that anyone thinks this is a mountain out of a mole hill.  MBalaska I love your quote and I am stealing it.  I will credit you though!

2300 people have it in NYC right now, up 1,000 overnight.  Do you know what it takes to make New Yorkers stay home lol?  But they are.  Restaurants if open are take out only, including Starbucks. Gatherings are limited to 5 people.  Libraries and schools are closed. My office has gone to complete videoconference or email contact. We have clients who use the library for their internet too but now they can't email me. The Court is closed. Except for criminal and emergency matters.  Think about that for a second and the domino effect that has on families in crisis. I'm hoping that they lessening of physical contact with each other reduces the spread but it is very worrisome over here.  

I've been an old Italian woman in training since I was born so I'm great at overshopping and cooking too much and hand-wringing ;) But the thing Italians are bad at is losing physical contact with their extended families and although my 4 brothers and sisters and their spouses and nieces and nephews and cousins and the occasional dog yapping in the background text and call this is the hardest part to us.  But we all know even if it takes a while there's gonna be a helluva family dinner as soon as we are able.  

Stay healthy everyone and let's keep in touch wherever we can!


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MBalaska Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 6:20pm
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@theresaf, that saying is as old as the hills.  I learned from the old timers who put away for a rainy day. How they stocked their pantries & freezers for the hard times. They also put away a few dollars & pennies in a jar for emergencies.  After studying the effects on Europe, Britain, & America in the 1930's & 1940's along with the Market Crash a hundred years ago I learned about what it meant to people to spend their last dollars on a loaf of bread for their family.  History is a great teacher.

This too will pass & you & others will have your big family gatherings & enjoy the social pleasures once again soon.  

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theresaf Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 6:23pm
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I also left out that one of my nieces is Suffolk County Police and an EMT.  After exposure to people coughing and sneezing on her, etc  she told her mother, my sister, that she will not see her for a while to keep her safe.  This is breaking my sister's heart with worry.  Anyone who does not observe the rules set by their respective counties and states put emergency workers and police at risk.  It's just not worth the living life as usual right now.

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jchuck Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 6:45pm
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cakefan92  This pandemic is definitely very serious, and not overblown by the media. Of course the media will over cover this situation, it’s news after all. That’s what news stations do. And with everything shutdown, there’s nothing to report or talk about. I listen quick updates, then I turn off the news. Can get not only monotonous, but can make you fearful as well. 

I have a good cake decorating friend that lives in Italy. She’s right in the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. It’s a nightmare. She told me if the Italian government had acted sooner to the virus, and not poo pooed it, the virus wouldn’t have spread so rapidly.  This is why so many countries, like Canada and USA, have gone into lockdown. Only way to stop the spread is for everyone to stay in there homes. The more human contact, the more chance of spreading the virus. Singapore and Thailand closed there borders much earlier than most. These countries don’t have any of the virus. So limiting contact works. It totally sucks, but it is what it is. I/We too kakeladi/lynne have been told to “stay put” in our home. Orders from our children. We’re use to this as we’re retired. But we usually both go to exercise programs weekly, that have been cancelled. Everything and anything has been closed. Grocery stores are open, but limited hours. I refuse to go grocery shopping, because I can’t be 100% sure of there disinfectanting techniques. I would certainly have to glove up and wear a mask. I spent almost 2 hours waiting to go on 3 different grocery store websites to order groceries for pickup. The sites were all backed up. Eventually I got on to order.....and get this. Two of the grocery sites, deliveries or pickup couldn’t be done until NEXT WEEK!!!!! Yikes, you could starve by them. One of the grocery stores, there was a $50 minimum!!! Well if you’re just a senior on your own, most likely you wouldn’t need that many groceries. 

Gotta say, like you theresaf, I miss my children and grandchildren. Think we’re gonna FaceTime tonight after dinner. Just so we can see and talk to them.

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theresaf Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 6:52pm
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Haha @MBAlaska it was new to me and I was very willing to credit you!  Thank you for the history part of that expression.

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jchuck Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 6:53pm
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MBalaska You are so right. I learned from my Mom very early how to pinch a penny, cook from scratch, make big batches to freeze for later. So in a way, I’ve always been prepared. The worst of this is BOREDOM.....and NOT over eating!!!!!!!! 

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kakeladi Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 7:07pm
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It’s been a little more than 48 hrs & I’m already going bonkers:( N o t h i n g! to do thus this post Since I can’t go to the library this is the only site I can participate on Now they’re talking about keeping schools closed until September! it really won’t affect me but will daughter She talked me into skipping a drs appointment yesterday—just a follow up — the last 4-5 have been nothing more than the dr asking if there was any change & since there isn’t saw no need to go Marjorie goes to the store getting anything we need —we are well stocked:)

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MBalaska Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 7:15pm
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Boredom........easily solved.  This is my chosen week (s) to do the spring cleaning.  Something positive & constructive to do at home.  Scrubbing & sanitizing the house can't hurt either.  

Amazon . com looks to be almost sold out of the same stuff that the local grocery stores are out of.   Here I am ~~ move to Florida and thinking that I'll not have to have a whole years supply of everything, like you do while living in Alaska.  Up north you just never know what will happen in the long winters & if shipping supplies will be cut off.  I never saw an empty grocery store shelf up there, not ever. Not in 4 decades.

Here in Florida people have wiped the shelves clean of rice, coffee, milk, eggs, bread,meat, canned soup, and all paper products, Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, bottled water, soap, etc.  I can't even remember it all.  Now I know.  Now I've learned that it's more dangerous with the potential to be at a loss of supplies;  living in a crowded place with millions of people. Makes me miss living out in the rural isolated areas of the frozen Last Frontier.  

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jchuck Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 7:39pm
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I would soooo dearly love to spring clean. Cleaning is one of my therapies. A week before Christmas my left ankle began to be painful and swell. I could go into a long explanation, but cutting to the chase, family doc said was probably injury from exercise class. His best guess. Well, ankle has never healed, and it’s March.  I just kept thinking, it’s going to get better. Ankle/foot is painful, swells just doing everyday tasks. So, after waiting weeks for an appointment, which would have been this morning, appointment was cancelled. Which I totally understand. Nurse asked if I could talk to the doctor. No, that’s not what I needed. I need physical examination and probably an x-ray. I’m a very active  person, so this is very frustrating for me. I’m a big walker, but have had to curtail. So I started doing my Pilates every morning. That’s passive exercise, but difficult exercise. Gets the heart and blood flowing. Who knows when I will get in to see the doctor? There are much more important things right now.

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MBalaska Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 8:03pm
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WIshing you some healing, @jchuck.   That's a long time for an ankle injury.  hopefully you'll get another appointment soon & resolve this issue. 

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jchuck Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 8:12pm
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Yes MBalaska, I hope I get an appointment soon too. I blame myself, because I just kept thinking the ankle would get better. I should have gone the end of January when things hadn’t improved. But every week, after a couple of days rest, all seemed ok. It’s not actually pain, but uncomfortableness, and the ankle feels very tight. Oh well, it’s too serious, just annoying. It could be soooo much worse. Counting my blessings....  

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theresaf Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 8:17pm
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oh June sorry to hear that and hope you find some long-term relief to that soon!

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kakeladi Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 8:56pm
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Also sending good wishes for a quick resolve of your ankle problem This chatter has helped to keep my spirits up today Other problems—not so much

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MBalaska Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 9:40pm
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We did not have to be exposed to the hysterical talking bobble heads when there was no 24 hour cable news.  We just went on with our normal day to day business.  We were not bombarded with 24 hour non-stop panic & fear mongering before there was personal computers & internet.

So stop & think about this just a little bit.......remember back to when we were literally surrounded by measles, mumps, chicken pox, diptheria, polio, small pox, whooping cough, Sars, colds & flu.  America responded, brilliantly.  They solved those problems in this country, & they'll solve this issue eventually.

The youngsters in America don't even know about that stuff, & they all feel 10 foot tall & bullet proof because they're young.  Us oldies need to be wiser & live safer in our choices for our health & well being.

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jchuck Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 10:19pm
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Oh yes MBalaska I remember all of this very well. Actually both of my children/spouses are taking this extremely seriously!!! They both have young children. Totally staying  put in the house. I was a psw and when I was working dealt with SARS, H1N1, MRSA. Gloved, masked...the whole enchilada. I told my kids what I saw and what I dealt with. We took courses and refreshers every year on infectious diseases, infectious control, bacteria. It was enough to keep you alert and mindful. 

And you are also correct about the 24/7 news channels. I never liked them from the day they started. I can honestly say, I have never watched a 24/7 news channel. Terrible for the soul and the mind. I use to have a client that kept CNN on continuously. In those days, there wasn’t any Canadian all news channels. Anyway, this client was soooo unbelievably agitated, anxious, and angry all the time. The minute I would come through this clients door he had a litany of woes and complaints about what he saw on CNN. Never could convince him to turn it OFF!!

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lvdenver Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 10:35pm
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Hi jchuck and mbalaska….

I kind of fall in the middle...Older than your kids, and too young to remember the list that Alaska had.

I am, however, a survivor of MRSA in my Lung  6 days in the hospital, the first 3 of Drs not knowing what I had, me in Isolation, and then the final 3 getting treatment.  Then going home on IV antibiotics.  After all that treatment, I came out alive, but with peripheral neuropathy.  Long road that was, but I'm still here.

So, I am quite leery (wary?) of those around me because no one was ever able to tell me if I can 'catch' MRSA again.  And I'm considered to have the compromised immune system.  Who knows, really?  I'm trying to remember to be as careful as I can.  Oh yeah....My Doctor told me, 3 months after being in the hospital, that the 'normal outcome for MRSA in the lungs is Death'.  He saved me....2008.

Everybody be safe, keep our collective chins up, and we'll come through this!



P.S.  This was not meant to be complaining, or too sure of myself.  It's just my random thoughts traveling onto the screen.  <3 <3 <3

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MBalaska Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 10:51pm
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@ivdenver, it sounds like you received a million dollars worth of great medical care.   You also have a good attitude & hopefully a full & cherished life now.  

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jchuck Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 11:01pm
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Oh my idenver what an awful experience. So glad you made it through. Do take care of yourself. You are one of the reasons that I’m staying put in my home. 

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lvdenver Posted 18 Mar 2020 , 11:41pm
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Thank you MBAlaska and jchuck!

Yes, it was a very confusing, scary time for me.  And yes, I got some Great care at that hospital (the very one I was born in).

What's made it difficult is the fact that my ordeal was at the end of my fiancé's 4-month ordeal that began with a heart attack (on April Fool's day no less), and me getting a phone call at the hospital While they were in the process of discharging me, that his 'evil' daughter and her mother had just taken him off life support.  It was three days after my birthday.  And then sent me home, alone.     (Yes, I have a hard time letting things go, but that was Wrong!!!!!) 

VERY hard time for me, still is.....but I am Not looking for sympathy, and sometimes I laugh at the ridiculousness of it all!  But I'm still here!

I love you guys!!!!!!!!


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jchuck Posted 19 Mar 2020 , 12:00am
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So Idenver Are you telling me you got out of the hospital, AND your fiancé died??????  And holding a grudge...or as you say...”hard time letting things go” just isn’t healthy. Just steals your joy. 

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lvdenver Posted 19 Mar 2020 , 2:36am
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Hi jchuck…..

It's not a grudge.  It's just that sometimes, when I recount the story, I do get a little peeved at the way things ended. 

He got sick, and was going up and down, in 4 hospitals, over 5 months, with many infections that they could not identify. And I got run down from visiting him on a daily basis, so I got bronchitis.  At that point, I took myself out of the equation so as not to get him sick with illness, and stopped visiting.  I ended up in a totally different hospital for that time.  And when I finally got well enough to go home, that's when I got the phone call in the hospital room telling me that they had taken him off support (which was especially hard because I was also the Power of Attorney to make that decision).  They couldn't wait the maybe 2 hours it would have taken for me to get there to 'be there' and say goodbye. 

It was, as they say, a horrible 'Perfect storm' of events.  It just hurt, and hurt really bad, and still does.  

But don't get me wrong....I know that I am here, for Some reason, and there is still life, and often a lot of Joy in my life.  And something I really enjoy...looking at all of the wonderful creations that you, Sandra, kakeladi, and so many others bring to this site!   The One thing I made, (and posted at the urging of Sandra) was of cupcakes with bunny bottoms on them!  I play around.....and you folks make actual Creations and Art!  

And I thank you all for it!!!!!



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