How to Make Gumpaste Dahlia

How to make a gumpaste dahlia! 

English subtitles are available

People often call this as the 'honeycomb dahlia.'

This dahlia is done with rose cutters and a daisy cutter.
I used the second daisy cutter of the set of 3 I have, and I began using the second smallest rose cutter onwards as I increased the size of the flower.
For each succeeding petal layer, I cut out 1-2 more petals than the previous.
For instance, my first layer had 14 petals, second layer had 15, third had 16.

White gumpaste by Satin Ice 
• Corn Starch 
• Shortening
Edible Glue/Water
18 gauge wire (I used 20, but I recommend 18 or a toothpick) 
Florist Tape 
• Pliers
Foam mat
Needle/Dresden Tool (similar) 
• Cutting Wheel
Ball tool  
• Rolling pin 
Rose cutters  
Daisy cutters 

Video By Marian Studio

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