How to Make a 3D Easter Bunny Cake

How to make a cute 3D Easter Bunny Cake!
Can be decorated in any colours and/or patterns you like!

Tools For This Easter Cake Decorating Tutorial

Character Cake Recipe

Two 6 inch round cakes (3 inches deep each)

4 inch round cake (3 inches deep)
12 Inch Cake Drum

White Fondant 

Black Fondant 

Light Blue Gel Colour (Magic Colours – Ice Blue)

Pink Gel Colour (Magic Colours – Neon Pink)

Green Gel Colour (Magic Colours – Neon Green)
Yellow Gel Colour (Magic Colours – Neon Yellow)

Brown Edible Dusting Colour (Magic Colours – Chocolate)
Yellow Edible Dusting Colour (Magic Colours – Summer Yellow)
Metal Ball Tool
Sugar Shapers by Innovative Sugarworks
Flower-Leaf Shaper Modelling Tool
Medium Chocolate Easter Egg

Video By Laura Loukaides

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