Gumpaste Gardenia Tutorial


Wondering how the talented cakemakers featured in Vol. 4, Issue 7 of Cake Central Magazine created those breathtaking gumpaste gardenias? Master their techniques yourself with this helpful tutorial.


All Purpose Flower Petal Veiner
Ball tool
Floral tape, green
Floral wire, white, 26 gauge
Gum glue
Petal former or 5 plastic spoons
Rose petal cutter set


Step 1
1. A few days before making your gardenia, prepare teardrop-shaped cores for flower centers, approximately 1 inch high. Insert wire into cores and set aside to dry overnight.

Step 2
2. Roll gumpaste thinly, and cut out 5 equal-sized petals using your smallest petal cutter.

Step 3
3. Using ball tool, gently thin the upper edges of each petal.

Step 4
4. Apply a thin layer of gum glue to the bottom left corner of one of your frilled petals (area marked in orange). Work carefully and cleanly; take care to avoid getting glue on other parts of the petal.

Step 5
5. Lightly adhere bottom of petal onto the teardrop core.

6. Apply gum glue to another of your frilled petals (bottom left corner only).

Step 7
7. Gently lift the first petal and tuck the second petal beneath it, once again adhering only the left side.

Step 8
8. Repeat with the remaining 3 petals. Your flower should appear as pictured.

9. Using your next largest cutter, cut out 5 more petals and thin the upper edges of each petal using a ball tool, as in Step 2. Apply glue to bottom left corner of each.

Step 10
10. Tuck one of these larger petals (I used orange for better visual) between two petals from the first layer. Once again, only adhere the left side. Repeat with remaining petals, alternating between large and small petals.

Step 11
11. Once all petals are tucked in, add glued to the bottom right corner of each petal and glue petals down completely. Your flower should appear as pictured.

12. Using your largest cutter, cut out 5 petals. Take care to make the narrow end of each petal thick enough that a wire can be inserted into it.

13. Thin the upper edges of the petals.

Step 14
14. Place petals in veiner one at a time and gently press.

Step 15
15. Insert wires into bottom of petals.

Step 16
16. If desired, you may use a toothpick to gently curl petal edges.

Step 17
17. Lay petals over formers until dry.

Step 18
18. Using floral tape, tape the five wired petals to the outside of your newly formed teardrop/petal core, slightly overlapping each one as before.

Step 19

19. Congratulations! You have completed your gardenia! Before inserting your flower into a real cake, you may want to place the “stem” inside a straw to prevent contact between the cake and the wires.

Comments (14)


Thank you I have always wanted to make this beautiful flower,most tutorial call for very expensive cutters and veiners I will be trying this tutorial very soon


Thank you I have always wanted to make this beautiful flower,most tutorial call for very expensive cutters and veiners I will be trying this tutorial very soon.


I've always had trouble whenever I try to 'ruffle' the edges of flower petals. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Do you approach it from the bottom of the petal or from the edge being 'ruffled'? Mine get all jagged and look awful.

Yours are so life-like... beautiful! Thank you for the instructions and guidance. Wish me luck!


Stunning I can't wait to go home and start one! Amazing this is the only tutorial for this type of flower that I feel confident to make. Thank you!!


I love this! What brand/style is this petal veiner? From the looks of it, I think I would prefer kit to my current one. Thanks!


Awesome flower, a favourite of mine, BUT what's even greater is this precise tutorial ... Thanx for your time and effort! Xx


This is one of the best gardenia tutorials I've seen. Your technique for getting the spiraled middle is excellent! Thank you for sharing!