Gumpaste Cabbage Rose Tutorial


Known for their “one hundred-petaled,” cabbage-like blooms, cabbage roses like the ones seen on JessicaVu‘s girly pink and purple cake, are a natural compliment to fondant ruffles and other feminine designs. Best of all, you can find them blooming in gardens all year round, making them an ideal addition to fall and winter cakes.

This detailed tutorial from Ngoc Minh Vu (JessicaVu) of JessiCake Art will teach you how to make ruffly gumpaste cabbage rose blossoms yourself!




24-gauge floral wire
Assorted paintbrushes
CelPin, medium
Craft foam
Easy Rose Cutters: JEM 60mm and JEM 80mm
Floral tape
Gold pearl dust
Gumpaste in different shades of the color you like (here I use purple)
Gumpaste rolling pin
Pasteurized liquid egg white
Pink petal dust
Purple petal dust
Red petal dust
Wire cutters



01-Step 1

Step 1
You need 5 wrapped wires to form the bud structure. Start by bending a 2-cm hook to make a loop for each wire. Wrap the hook using floral tape over the top and around several times. Bend each wrapped loop to a 45 degree angle, one away from another like a V-shape; stretch the tape and wrap 2 wires together in V-shape structure, then add the 3rd, 4th and 5th wires in the same way.

02-Step 2

Step 2
Condition the gumpaste in darker purple with a little bit of shortening. Roll it thin on a cornstarch workplace surface. Use 60-mm rose cutter, apply firm pressure on the gumpaste and put each cutout in a plastic bag to prevent it from drying. You need 4 sets of petals for the inner part of the flower.

03-Step 3

Step 3
Work with one set at a time. Thin out the outside portion of each one of 5 petals, apply a bit of pressure along the edge of each petal to give it a curl, holding the CelPin at roughly a 45 degree angle.

04-Step 4

Step 4
Lay the set of petals right over the hole of craft foam, and pass the wire structure through the center until they set on it.

Step 5
Bend each wỉre up a little bit and apply egg white from the base up to the top of each petal. Take each petal and attach it around the bud, pinching and stretching it lightly. Leave the top portion of each petal slightly open, but the buds must not be seen.

10-Step 6

Step 6
Give the 1st set of petals 15 minutes to dry, then repeat the process with the next sets. Remember to lengthen the petals more each time you prepare a new set.

08-Step 7

Step 7
This time, use the 90-mm rose cutter to cut out petals from thinly rolled gumpaste in light purple. You need 3 sets of petals for the outer part.

09-Step 8

Step 8
Repeat the thinning process exactly as you did with the inner petals in step 2.

11-Step 9

Step 9
Apply enough egg white halfway up and on each side of petals. Then cup each petal around the center, with the next petal slightly overlapping the previous one. Flatten any wrinkles on the back of the flower.

12-Step 10

Step 10
Repeat the same process with the 2nd and 3rd layers of the outer petals. Remember to stretch the petals out longer for each new set. Attach each petal right behind the overlap line of the previous layer to cover it up.

14-Step 11

Step 11
Mix some purple petal dust with some shiny rose pink using a soft brush, and add some red tone to give a deeper look. Apply the color directly into the center of the flower, tapping the the brush to allow the dust to fall into the inner cracks.

15-Step 12

Step 12
For the outer petals, just paint them with some pink petal dust mixed with shimmer white to bring the flower more to life while keeping its light purple shade.

16-Step 13

Step 13
Mix gold pearl dust with few drops of vodka and edge some of both outer and inner petals to highlight them.

17-Step 14

Step 14
To finish up, steam the flower by holding it a few inches away from the spout of a boiling tea kettle, rotating it around to set and intensify the color. Let the flower dry before presentation.

ecp-large-other_minhdanghaiduong1607 (21)


Ngoc Minh Vu (JessicaVu) runs JessiCake Art from Hanoi, Vietnam. Check out more of her designs on her Facebook page.

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THANK YOU FOR POSTING! I knew there was an easier way to make this flower and now I can make them more often. Bless you! My favs!


is there any way to "favorite" these tutorials, i.e. the ones that are posted as Featured Content on the home page? there seems to be 2 different tutorial sections to CC website...the TUTORIALS section on the menu is able to be both searched for content and saved...this area is not...???