Friday Faves: Teddy Bears, Origami & Watermelon

As editors of Cake Central magazine, we come across countless  inspiring things every day. From cakemakers’ stories to wedding inspiration to cool new products, we want to share a few of our favorite finds with you every week. Here are this week’s Friday Faves, representative of the joy and sweetness of early spring!

Jackie’s Faves:

Jackie Shaffer – Founder of

Simple romantic hand painted wedding cake. This was my first hand paired cake and sure not the last :)

By SugarAvenueCake
Simple romantic hand painted wedding cake. This was my first hand paired cake and sure not the last :)

I just adore this hand-painted cake by SugarAvenueCake. The flower and bird design is so lovely and well-done. It may have been their first hand-painted cake…but I certainly hope it’s not the last!

Leanne’s Faves:

Leanne Winslow – President of Cake Central Media Corp.

These teddy bears look so happy perched on top of  LaurasCakes273’s baby shower cake.  So cute!

Kari’s Faves:

Kari Vandraiss – Associate Editor of Cake Central Magazine

With summer in mind, what’s not to love about singhscakes‘ watermelon cake? This life-size creation has such spot-on coloring and detail that it makes me want a slice of this cake with watermelon on the side!

Grace’s Faves:

Grace Heerman – Associate Editor of Cake Central Magazine

By dlish
Vintage Polaroid Camera…Say Cheese! This cake was the perfect gift for our dear friend and photographer.

Dlish’s Polaroid camera cake not only showcases the cakemaker’s creativity, but represents a fun and personalized way to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The bold colors and geometric shapes are eye-catching and distinctive, giving it a retro feel that will certainly bring back memories.

Alyssa’s Faves:

Alyssa Christensen – Associate Editor of Cake Central Magazine

origami cake

By alemoka
This is my first attempt after having seen the wonderful Peggy’s tutorial of this tecnique. I changed the colour, the rows and the flowers on the top as I love peonies. This is one of my cakes at the Cake design italian festival, the biggest cake show in Italy held he past week-end. I hope you like it…

The elegant blend of geometric, origami-inspired design alongside the natural floral element makes for a unique, striking combination in this cake by alemoka. I also adore the contrast of the vibrant blue layers and rich, coral blossom accents.

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