Blossom Fondant

This is my fondant recipe I use to decorate the cookies for my floral cookie bouquets. It provides a beautiful porcelian-smooth finish similar to regular fondant but tastes WONDERFUL because it is filled with white chocolate and ready-made frosting…

(This fondant is ideal for decorating cookies but not for covering cakes)


  • 1- 14 oz. bag white candy coating wafers
  • 1/2 cup vanilla flavored ready-made storebouqht frosting ( please do not substitute the whipped frosting varieties)

  • 1-1/2 Tablespoons light corn syrup

  • 1/2 teaspoon butter flavoring

  • 1 T cornstarch


Empty 1 – 14 oz. bag of white candy coating wafers into a bowl that will fit on the top of a pan that contains hot, but not boiling water. Stir occasionally until the wafers have completely melted.

Meanwhile, into a mixing bowl place the vanilla ready-made frosting, corn syrup and butter flavoring. Stir this very well.

Sprinkle 1 T of corn starch on your counter (do not substitute powdered sugar) then add the melted wafers to the frosting mixture and mix thoroughly. It will start to become rather thick then immediately turn the mixture out onto the cornstarch dusted surface. Knead the mixture for 10 minutes.

I know 10 minutes sounds like a long time! But kneading it for 10 minutes will reduce the possibility of any lumps from forming and will save you from having to knead it for a much longer period of time later on – trying to remove the lumps that will have formed from not being kneaded long enough initially.

If your hands become sticky while kneading the fondant, rinse your hands under water, dry them off and then continue kneading the fondant. (A bench scraper or pastry cutter will come in very handy when kneading and moving the fondant around…)

Then place the kneaded fondant into a sealed container (such as a plastic bag) and let it completely firm up. If you are in a hurry, you may place it into the refrigerator to speed up the process.
When the entire amount of fondant has become firm, remove the fondant from the container, breaks off small chunks and knead it again. (The hard fondant will soon soften from the warmth of your hands)

It is now ready to be tinted and used. Store in a clean sealed container.

For creamy smooth fondant results:

1. Keep the melted white chocolate warm over the hot water. Do not let the melted chocolate sit on the counter until you are ready to use it…

2. Stir the white chocolate thoroughly with a dry spoon and make sure it is completely void of lumps…

3. After adding the melted chocolate to the creamed mixture and stirring it, immediately turn it out onto the prepared surface and begin kneading it. Do not scrape any hardened bits of chocolate, that may have formed around the edge of the bowl, into the fondant laying on the prepared surface…

4. Knead the fondant for the full 10 minutes… This will help ensure that your fondant will be smooth and lump-free.

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Thank you for posting! I just bought your DVD and did one of the bouquets. loved it. It came out just like the one in the DVD which is a miracle. usually the ones i make and the one the pros make look completely different.


Bobwonderbuns, I'm so excited for you to try my recipe! You mentioned getting my DVD... It's a fun DVD for cookie lovers out there! You will discover all kinds of fun bouquets made out of rolled sugar cookies, spritz and drop cookies as well!

Cindy, my DVD can be found at :)


Okay I have a question: Can I use my own frosting? I have a frosting I love to use -- not too sweet, just right -- can it be substituted for the store bought stuff?


I have only made my fondant with the ready-made frosting... You could give it a try using your own frosting and see how it turns out...If you do, please let us know if it worked! :)


I have received a few emails now from people who are having difficulty finding/saving this recipe on CC... I guess we will just have to get used to the new format here on CC?? I'm not sure what to tell all of you... But you can find this recipe on my cookie site at or here's the link:


I can not wait to try this!! I went to your website last night and watched the part 1 clip...You are awesome and I definately will be getting your DVD!! How long can you keep this fondant for and should it be kept at room temp.?


Hi Serena4016! The fondant should be fine at room temperature unless you are planning on keeping it out for days and days... I would then store it in the refrigerator (take it out of the refrigerator an hour or so before you are planning on using it so that it won't be quite as hard when you go to knead it again...) I ALWAYS use the stove to melt the wafers and I will tell you why... When you are adding the melted wafers to the frosting mixture, the chocolate MUST be warm - not "just melted". If it isn't, the chocolate will firm up too quickly when you are stirring it in and you will get lumpy fondant. I don't use the microwave because I feel I can control the temperature of the melted wafers easier if I keep it over the hot water until right before I stir it in.... Thanks for the question! :)


I can't wait to try it! I use glace, and while I love the way it looks and tastes, I hate how LONG it takes to ice all of the cookies!


To answer the question about using 'normal' white chocolate... I have done this in the past but using 'normal' white chocolate changes the texture and color slightly. I prefer to use the candy wafers. If you do decide to go this route, make sure your melted chocolate is completely free of any lumps of unmelted chocolate and that you keep it warm over the hot water until right before you stir it in. One of the benefits of using the candy wafers is that they melt THOROUGHLY so quickly... Overall, the wafers have given me the best results....


thanks for your reply! :) the problem that I dont have candy melts in the country I live in, thats why I want to use the normal cooking white chocolate. thanks for being so helpful!


Hi! I am excited to try this soon for Christmas cookies. My question is: do you put a thin layer of frosting underneath so that the fondant "sticks" like with cakes?? Hope that makes sense.


To answer the question how I get the fondant to "stick"... I use a layer of melted chocolate or melted candy wafers to get the fondant to stick to the COOKIES. This fondant doesn't work well for cakes because of the amount of chocolate in the fondant. It doesn't mold well around the shape of a cake. I've tried it... the taste was great because I first put a layer of a luscious buttery frosting on the cake. But when I went to mold the fondant around the frosted cake, the fondant kept firming up on me and wouldn't allow me to smooth it over the cake. I had folds in the fondant! :( Thank goodness it was for my 3 year old daughter's birthday party and not for a client! Everyone raved about the taste - because of that layer of white chocolate fondant on top of the buttercream but thankfully, they just ignored the nasty folds.... So in a nutshell, please use this fondant for cookies only.

I have a quesion to anyone out there... I am trying to edit my recipe. I want to add a little information about rolling out the fondant, but it keeps saying "ERROR, NOT FOUND" If anyone can help me out there, I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give me. How can I get into my recipe?....

Until I can figure out a way to get into my recipe?? I will put my information here:

** when rolling out the fondant, sprinkle your surface with cornstarch PLEASE DO NOT substitute powdered sugar and then sprinkle a little more cornstarch over the top to prevent sticking

**When you are rolling out the fondant, take a towel or your hand and wipe the rolling pin off often. This will reduce the amount of indentations on your fondant and will help with any sticking issues...

**If the fondant is getting too soft and starts to become sticky, place it into the refrigerator to stiffen it up a little. Washing your hands and drying them off with a towel will also reduce sticking...

My website has FAQs too... My DVD also has even more tips and decorating suggestions for working with the fondant. For more information, please go to my cookie site at


Hi, Specialtycake creations! I am unsure what you mean by a "cupcake topper"...? Are you going to be molding the fondant? If you are, it should do well... Initially, the fondant is soft but when it 'cools down' from the warmth of being worked with in your hands, it will firm up and hold its shape. But yet when a person bites into it, it will still be 'soft' and will still have its melt-in-your mouth texture. It will never become 'dry' and crunchy-like. That is the beauty of this fondant! It gets 'hard' or firm but still melts in your mouth - similiar to chocolate. Hope this answers your question... :)


I made this today and it was a dream to work with and tastes great. My cookies came out so much neater than when I work with royal icing. I posted so holiday cookies. Thanks for the recipe.


Hey Joanie. Just wanted to add that I bought the DVD and you guys wont be dissapointed. The fondant tastes awesome as well as the her cookie ( recipe is also on DVD). Very clear instructions, she also is great at answering any of your questions. I made the cookies and fondant lastnight and they looked and tasted better than i imagined. So just thought I would pass along this info. Miranda


To adhere it to the cookies, can I put this fondant directly on the hot cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven like regular fondant? Or is that not a good idea because of the chocolate?


OK, all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I made this last night and just tried it out on some sugar cookies. AMAZING!! I consider myself very picky when it comes to cookie icing.....I love the look of fondant on cookies but hate the taste and chewy feeling. I had my kids try it out first and they loved it! I tried one after they said that...kind of expecting it to taste like white chocolate but it didn't! It's just very mild vanilla flavored and very yummy!! Working with it is kind of tricky, but putting it in the fridge for about 10 minutes helped a lot. I was surprised by the consistency when I was making it...mine was very runny, similar to when I make modeling chocolate. I left it in a tupperware container overnight and it firmed up nicely though.


Hi Cakeflake! Thanks for trying my fondant recipe! As to why your fondant turned out 'very runny' and 'tricky' to work with... Did the fondant hardened up first? After mixing the fondant together and kneading it, let it completely harden. Then knead it again. This time the consistency of the fondant will be similiar to clay and will be much easier to work with. Oh, and if you are working with it and it seems to be getting very soft and sticky, it is getting too warm. Place it into the refrigerator for a couple of minutes to firm it up a bit. Hope this helps for the next time you are making it! :)


Good morning Joni. Just found your website yesterday. Your flower bouquets are breathtaking. I will be ordering your DVD. I wanted to say thank you so very much for creating and sharing this recipe with us. I hope to try it this week. This recipe sounds like an answer to my prayers, because I don't know anyone who likes fondant or even marshmallow fondant. I will be making cookies for my daughter-in-law's baby shower on Feb 13th, using my Cricut Cake with the Create a Critter cartridge, and hoping that this recipe is also Cricut-cutable as well. Teresa


Thanks for the great sounding recipe! I've got some sugar cookies I'm making this week and this sounds intriguing. What is the yield of your recipe? My cookies will average about 3-3.5 inches wide, and I usually roll the fondant out between 1/8-1/4" thick.

Also, I didn't see a response to the question about putting the fondant directly onto the cookies straight from the oven. Have you tried this? Do you recommend it?



I used this fondant last night. It tastes great. However, unless you know the best method for rolling it out, it's quite a PITA. Until I figured it out. Corn starch. Once I started using the corn starch on my mat and a little on my rolling pin, it was mostly a breeze.

Also, I did try this with using colored candy melts, and it works great too. You get a lot of that one particular color if you use the entire 14 oz bag, but if you need that much, I'd suggest that route.