NFSC - No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe

By Jackie

This cookie meets all the criteria for the perfect rolled cookie to decorate; it holds it's shape, tastes delicious, and is easy to make....


Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)

By prettytoya

A very tasty alternative to buttercream icing or regular fondant. Read the full instruction and photos here! Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)...

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Rolled Buttercream Icing Recipe

By JennaB

If you don’t like the taste of fondant, try this recipe for rolled buttercream that can be used to cover a cake or cookies. It offers...

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Toba Garrett's fondant

By lilscakes

I absolutely love this recipe!!!! It’s so easy and yummy tasting….work it like you would bread dough when you are kneading in...

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Rolled Buttercream Icing

By Michele25

Rolled buttercream icing is a softer covering than rolled fondant. It is also more shiny, which may not be appropriate for all wedding...

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Marshmallow Fondant

By Wendoger

Rolled Fondant is an icing substance that is rolled out and used as a covering for cake. Marshmallow Rolled Fondant is more shinny than...



By chaptlps

Making your own gumpaste can save you some money and allow you to fine tune your flower making. Generally egg white gumpaste is a little...

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Marshmallow Rolled Buttercream

By wtare

This is a recipe that I came up with after being disappointed in Marshmallow Fondant and Rolled Buttercream. So I combined the two and got...


Orange Rolled Fondant

By doots53

Rolled Fondant is an icing substance that is rolled out and used as a covering for cake, which traditionally is first covered with a layer...


Rolled fondent

By abbeyloo

I have so many books and all the rolled fondant recipe’s are different, this is the best one i have found and it is so easy to make....


Small Batch Corn Syrup Rolled Fondant

By Kimbecupcake

This make just a small amount of rolled fondant and you do not need glucose. It is great for covering cookies or cupcakes. If you do not...


Rolled Buttercream Icing Recipe

By JennaB

Posted by JennaB For those who don't like fondant, here is a recipe for Rolled Buttercream that can be used to cover a cake or on cookies....


Rolled Sugar Cookies

By jaycelee

I compared this recipe that i got from a book named Cookie Craft and it is very similar to the NFSC (Non Fail Sugar Cookies). Just this one...


SUGAR PASTE (Flower making paste)

By kelly24

Good for making flowers, figurines as it sets very hard but can be rolled untra thin for life lkie flowers SUGAR PASTE (Flower making paste...


Eggnog Cookies With Eggnog Frosting

By all4cake

I came across this recipe while looking to make holiday cookies. It is smooooooth and creamy and oh so yummy! IT CRUSTS TOO! Even still,...


Blossom Fondant

By JJoni

This is my fondant recipe I use to decorate the cookies for my floral cookie bouquets. It provides a beautiful porcelian-smooth finish...


No Cook Dark Fudge Icing

By dimensionsincake

I discovered this recipe by accident! While making chocolate rolled buttercream, I noticed that before I finished adding all the sugar...


A Very Merry Go Round Cake

By Becca2497

This is a really fun Christmas cake that will complete your holiday party! How much more Christmas can you get? Gingerbread men, spice...


Rolled Fondant Recipe

By eidascreations

I use this recipe many times and is very good. For better result make the fondant the day before. Rolled Fondant Recipe Ingredients 2...


Apple Oatmeal Cookies with Caramel Icing

By nikki1201

Slightly crisp cookie made with apples instead of the traditional raisins. Also tastes great if you omit the apples and use french-vanilla...


Mint lovers cake!

By brinana

I made this cake for my moms birthday, Instant hit for anyone who loves mint. Mint lovers cake! Ingredients chocolate cake mix {I used two...


Wilton Chocolate Fondant

By lovable_lauren3

Wilton Chocolate Fondant Ingredients 1 pk. (14 oz) Dark Cocoa Candy Melts 1/2 c. light corn syrup 24 oz. White Ready-to-Use Rolled fondant...


My Favourite Gingerbread Dough

By crimsonhair

My Favourite Gingerbread One year I made 18 gingerbread houses with my daycare kids. This is perfect to use for gingerbread houses or...


Princesstorta from Sweden

By Meny

Prinsesstårta is the most popular cake in Sweden and it is party cake as well as wedding cake. It is made of 3 layers of light sponge...


Aunt-Judy's Popular Chocolate Truffles

By aunt-judy

Read this recipe through before attempting, and prep your kitchen and refrigerator to make space, and prep your platters/baking sheets, etc...


Sara Jane's Oatmeal Cake

By Anonymous

This is the BEST CAKE I have ever eaten! A moist cake made with oats, and lightly spiced with nutmeg is topped with a broiled coconut icing...