Bathing Dumbo

Bathing Dumbo on Cake Central

While looking through Dumbo coloring pages, my DD says, "I want my cake to look like THAT for my 5th birthday!" So, here it is! 2-8x3's stacked, covered in BC, then fondant, hand painted. Fondant bubbles, water in tub is RI, spilled water at base is poured sugar, as well as water spout (wires dipped into sugar solution.) Dumbo is RKT covered in RI, then fondant. Ears are fondant/gum paste mixture. Fun to do and she LOVED it!

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that is one fabulous Dumbo!!! You captured his expression beautifully...the cake is artful and wonderful...Well done to you!!! :) :) :)


I adore elephants of all kinds and have loved Dumbo since my earliest childhood. This cake is absolutely wonderful. It's just a shame that I never manage to make a cake for myself. LOL You did beautiful work.