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Helendelk Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 9:43pm
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A lot of you know my dad has been in the hospital over a month now and has turned for the worse again.. Well my sister called him and asked him if there was anything she could bring up with her when she goes this weekend.. He said, "well it would be nice to have a cake from my daughter, I know she isn't feeling well but it would make my day... I love her cakes better than anyones"..(awww) He told her not to tell me since I have been under the weather past week from exhaustion traveling and what not.. Anyway she called me of course..lol I made it just a small 6 in one so he and whomever he wants to share it with can have some.. I cried like a baby when I started decorating it for some reason, I guess since I knew this might be his last.. still crying but hopefully it will perform a miracle and make him all better.. I could only hope... I just want to thank you all again for your prayers! It is really appreciated!

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Lemondrop Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 9:46pm
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Your cakes looks beautiful...I'm sure he'll love it!

I'm so sorry that you're going though this.......I know it's tough....hugs to you!

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IHATEFONDANT Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 9:47pm
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He will be so pleased.... thumbs_up.gif

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bekahd Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 9:49pm
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It's gorgeous, and your tears make it more beautiful. I know it will perk your father up that you would do such a loving thing for him!

Wishing you strength,

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redhare Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 9:50pm
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I don't know what all your going through but I can say miracles come in small packages! Your cake made me cry and I don't even know you... Great job he will absolutely love it!

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crisseyann Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 9:51pm
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What a sweet/sad story! I'm sure this will mean the world to your dad. May God be with you and your family.

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Samsgranny Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 10:00pm
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My cake is very sweet and coming from Daddy's little girl he will love all the more. Your dad will be in my prayers tonight.

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ffulch Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 10:01pm
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Your cake is beautiful, but I don't think your father will care. The love in it will taste sweeter than any of your efforts.

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Karate Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 10:09pm
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I started to cry also. May all of Gods blessings be with you and your family!

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4Gifts4Lisa Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 11:02pm
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I love it...and he will too.

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spottydog Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 11:04pm
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Very pretty.....I am sure he will love it!

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caixa Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 11:16pm
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The cake looks great I'm sure he'll love it, and it will make his day when he sees what you wrote on it even d he already knows it.My prayers go out to you and your family specially your dad. Caixa.

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Cake_Princess Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 11:23pm
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He is sure going to enjoy that cake Helen. It was very thoughtful of him to think of you even though he has taken a turn for the worse. I hope he pulls through. Please keep us posted.


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babynewyear Posted 13 Apr 2006 , 11:29pm
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Your a good daughter. Happiness is a healer and Im sure you made him happy with your cake.
My prayers are with you and yours

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craftst3 Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 1:30am
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Your cake is beautiful and you can tell it was done with a lot of love. My families prayers are with you and your family.

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Zamode Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 2:13am
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Helen, you, your dad and your family have my prayers and thoughts! Very touching, he is going to LOVE it and you know that! Yes, keep us posted!

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Helendelk Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 3:26am
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Thanks guys! Actually Im up making another cake... Easter bunny face.. so getting up making it and seeing all the nice remarks made me get back in the baking & decorating mood... Despite doctors orders..lol Rest! HA I forgot how soothing decorating calmed my nerves... When he asks if I have been resting I'll icon_biggrin.gif YEP Sure have... be our little secret thumbs_up.gif

Some have asked what is wrong with him and I dont mind telling because it is still a mystery to the doctors and maybe someone might have a suggestion on why he is doing this..March 5th I went down and my sister had a beautiful baby girl. My dad wasn't getting around very well and was really pale in color. So I kept a eye on him and making him eat fruits, veggies and drinking ensure to keep his strength up till I could get him in to the doctor. So in between running back and forth from hospital teaching my sister how to change a diaper and all that..lol Bless her heart never changed a diaper before in her life. Anyway I would go from hospital back to the house every few hours which were about 25 miles apart in the COUNTRY! Let me tell you Im not use to counting fence posts to find a turn for a street , I mean Dirt road..lol I'd worry about my sister when I was checking on him and vise versa. March 7 I took my sister home and when we got there my dad was in the floor, he was so weak and ash color I rushed him to the emergency room. I felt like I was driving like the Dukes of Hazzard in my SUV trying to get him there.. We get there nurses were waiting for me .. Thank God cause my dad is a very big man. They get to checking him and found he only had basically 1 1/2 pint blood in his entire body. The body holds 6 -6 1/2 pints of blood He is bleeding internally and since march 7th they have given him a total of 16 pints of blood.. thumbs_up.gif So those of you who give blood I thank you so much! I can't stress how important it is to give blood PLEASE DONT STOP GIVING! thumbs_up.gif It may be my Dad's life you saving.. you never know.
So they get him stable then few weeks later we found out he had a bacteria deterating the aortic valve of his heart. Where he got this we have no clue could have been from the blood , could have been a scratch but anyway he has it.. It's Endocorditis and there are 2 different bacterias gardening in his heart. They have him on a 6 week antibiotic treatment before they can even operate.. To top it off it is now attacking his pacemaker as well. So double trouble there and nothing they can do until bacteria is under control. well they thought the bleeding was coming from his throat but WRONG he started bleeding again. We had him moved to OKC to a larger advanced hospital and they had him stable but have told us this week his blood is not reproducing , he has recently had a lot of blood loss and the second set of antibiotics they are trying are not working so they are going to try something else. They gave him 2 more pints of blood last night and 2 more today so that is really got us stressed. I have been traveling back and forth between Tulsa and OKC for a little over a month now since I had been up getting things ready for the baby before... Well I finally had to tell my aunt and uncles You have got to help me I am worn down I need to rest.. My doctor put me on bed rest for a few days becuase I was mentally and physically worn out. He said my adrenaline gland was wearing down.. LOL I didnt even know we had one..HAHA Im like ok Doc sure I'll rest and I have with my laptop in my lap posting away on CC.. thumbs_up.gif So that is where we stand now they have ANOTHER specialist coming in to see him tomorrow so hopefully with all these specialist they can figure it out.. He eats regular food when he does eat. Just doesnt eat very much so hopefully that cake will hit the spot! i just wished I was delivering it instead of my sister.. I also made it becuase my mom passed away 1 yr ago tomorrow and we are really worried he might give up.. You know how people are when they are married 30 yrs and longer.. SO Keep praying and Im sorry it was so long but it really helped sitting here typing about it... Thanks I guess I really needed to get it off my chest more than I thought... Im the person who will crack jokes make like everything is hunky Dory when really its not.. So sorry to lay my shoulder on the Forum but I know you all will understand ! Your all so understanding and give such great inspiration!
I know I will have major typos and major grammer but oh well...
WOW! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif You would not believe how much that lifted off me just talking about it... Thanks again..
Ok My book is over....LOL!! icon_rolleyes.gificon_redface.gificon_rolleyes.gificon_redface.gif

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crp7 Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 3:38am
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I am sorry to hear all that you and your family are going through. Please do not worry about sharing with us here on CC. Sometimes it helps to get it out.

Do try to take care of yourself. You will not be doing anyone any good if YOU wind up in the hospital. I will keep you in my prayers.


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Helendelk Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 3:40am
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I forgot one thing to say! I really appreciate all your prayers! Please over the holidays just keep him in mind his name is Jimmy.. Our family sure would appreciate it.. I know its asking a lot but Prayer is powerful and when you got all the CC buddies praying to! Miracles are sure to happen..

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chocomama Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 3:50am
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Wow, best wishes for you, your dad, your sis and her baby. Unreal. My niece just got over a bacterial infection in her bloodstream caused by salmonella and the docs can't figure out how she got in, let alone how it got into her blood so I know how scary this type of thing can be. Add age to that and it's even worse. Hang in there and take care of yourself b/c if you don't you won't be able to help like you want. So sorry that all of this is happening at this especially hard time.

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pinkopossum Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 10:10am
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Very nice, He'll love it! thumbs_up.gif Best wishes to him and your family icon_biggrin.gif

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cats28 Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:36pm
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He will defenitely enjoy this. You should be proud of this cake. It will be a very special cake for you always because is for your dad and also because he embrassed your talent. Special hugs to you. Pretty cake.
cats28 (Tina)

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NeeNee30 Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:40pm
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Just said a little prayer for your dad, you and your whole family. (and will continue to do so) So sorry you guys are going through this. I know your dad will LOVE the cake you made him, and maybe it's just what his body needs!!!! thumbs_up.gif

Prayers and blessings to your family!

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cakes47 Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 12:46pm
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Just sending hugs & prayers. Smile, God loves you.

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texa Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 1:19pm
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Good grief, Helen, your stressometer reading is off the dial!!!

CC is a very caring community, and remember that old saying, "Sharing joy doubles it; sharing sorrow halves it."

Please keep us updated on your father's progress!

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Helendelk Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 1:37pm
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LOL texa! Yeah think??? Thanks for the giggle!

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kaykakes Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 1:54pm
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my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am glad you made the cake sometimes just a little goes a long way in helping someone muster the strength to not give up and continue the fighting. And like an earlier post miracles do come and small packages. Never give up God doesn't and will furnish you with all you need. God Bless

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Somethin-Sweet Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 6:06pm
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I will keep your family and your dad in my prayers as well as the Doctors that they will find out what is causing this. Maybe the love that went into this cake will be the miracle you need. Rememer- Cake Cures Everything! (so my kids say!!) Keep us posted.

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gailsgoodies Posted 14 Apr 2006 , 8:34pm
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I'm so sorry you're going through this, Helen! Rest assured your whole family is in my thoughts and prayers! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! Can't have you so tired you can't type! What would we do without you on CC?!

I hope you have a joyful and blessed Easter!

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Helendelk Posted 22 Apr 2006 , 3:41am
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Just a quick update Ive been back to OKC and well its not good actually we got really bad news and I so need to just vent.. One Dr has been treating him for the bacteria gardening on his heart but has kinda put everything else on hold as to treatments for now. he has lost more blood and we were told today his kidneys and liver is starting to fail. His kidneys are only 1/2 working and his liver count is down. Not really sure what is gonna happen now but he is giving up on us. icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif I'm to the point I dont even know what to say or do for him. I feel helpless and just dont really know where to go what to do or ask. My aunts and Uncles aren't helping at all, one aunt is a head nurse in Texas. You would think she could help me thru this and ask the right questions and what not.. BUT NOPE!! They havent even come to see him and its driving me crazy. His one sister came up for a few hours... A FEW HOURS!!!! The man has been in for almost 6 weeks now and the only one person that did come up spent a few hours. I know that sounds very selfish but you would think knowing we lost our mom a year ago they would want to step up and help more. My sister has a new baby so she cant go see him unless I go watch the baby and she lives 2 hours from OKC. I'm sorry I guess I need to stop venting I'm just really exhuasted and stressed and just need to vent..
My husband had booked a trip in Orlando to go swim with the dolphins next week, He paid for it months back before all this happened.. We cant cancel it since we wont get refunded.. I dont kow if I should go but then again he tells me its what I need to do is get away for a few days. Leave Wed and get back Sun night.. What if something happens then I will feel like ..... but then if I dont go thats telling my husband (whom I havent seen much the past month or so) that well I rather stay here than go wiith you... Should I go or should I stay.... I wont get back my money for the dolphin swim so its like throwing 400.00 down the drain if I dont. I dont know what to do. Ill stop now just giving an update... Thanks again for your prayers... My sister and I really appreciate it more than you will ever know..

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