Kakeladi’s ORIGINAL White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe.
Read thru the whole recipe before you start. Note the extra info at the end. Enjoy your baking!

The *Original* WASC cake recipe


  • The *original* WASC cake recipe by kakeladi
  • 1 box cake mix (I prefer Betty Crocker) *see notes at end
  • 1 cup flour*
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • generous dash of salt
  • 1 cup sour cream*

  • 1 cup water *
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 1 tablespoon flavoring*


  1. In bowl mix together dry ingredients. It’s helpful to use a wire whisk; important w/choco cake not so much for other flavors.
  2. In mixer bowl place next 4 ingredients. Add about 1/2 of the dry ingredients and blend together, then add the rest of the dry ingredients & blend. Mix for 2 minutes.
  3. Pour into prepared pans * and bake as usual.
  4. *NOTES: *ANY* cake flavor can be used. Some tell me they just dump all ingredients into the bowl together others say they sift all dry ingredients together.
  5. Match the flavoring to the cake flavor such use lemon/almond mix for lemon cake; strawberry for a strawberry cake etc, etc. For most flavors you can use a mixture of vanilla, butter, and almond which is what I do most of the time.
  6. You can use milk, juice, thawed fzn concentrates, soda pop (ie: Coke) cream or just about anything wet for the liquid.
  7. This recipe is based on mixing in a kitchenaid mixer. I use position #1 to stir it, then #4 to mix the batter.
  8. Most of the time I forget to add the salt:)
  9. On rare occasions I have used other brands of mix.
  10. This makes the amount of batter as if you used 1 1/2 mixes and is perfect for a 10″ sq OR 9×13 OR one 8″ & two 6″ round;OR two 8″rounds OR a 12″ round; and other combinations of pans.
  11. I prefer to bake at 300 degrees for about 20-30 minutes (depending on size of cake) then turn oven up to 325 for about an equal time. If cake has pulled away from sides it is overbaked. After cooling, the top might be a bit sticky.
  12. Some people have told me they use plain or flavored yogurt instead of sour cream.
  13. I’ve always used all purpose flour. Some tell me they use cake flour but then the amount is less – maybe 3/4 cup – not sure.
  14. The flavoring I most often use is this mixture:
  15. 1 part vanilla extract
  16. 1/2 part butter flavoring
  17. 1/4 part almond flavoring
  18. A “Part” is any measure be it teaspoon; tablespoon; cup or quart Smile Since I made many wedding cakes I usually mixed it up by the cup:)

    Lots of calories, sugar, and fat – the same as any other cake :)


stresseddesserts Says... 2009-09-06 17:25:29

Does anyone have a chocolate WASC version cake recipe? plz help

emily42897 Says... 2009-09-19 06:16:46

You can use a chocolate cake mix that would make it chocolate.

emily42897 Says... 2009-09-19 06:19:08

Does anyone know how many cups of batter this makes?

tomswife Says... 2009-09-26 16:35:02

The best cak recipe ever. It is perfect, moist, unreal. I am super picky and this meets my every need!!! : )

amberlenee Says... 2009-10-08 18:26:59

So, can you sub two sticks of butter for the sour cream?

maralin Says... 2009-11-02 17:46:19

no butter or oil needed?????????

JayRaye Says... 2009-11-03 07:30:31

I'm curious about the oil too. ???

kakeladi Says... 2009-11-03 14:15:47

........anyone know how many cups of batter.......

I *NEVER* measure batter by the cupful :( It is soooooo messy. See #10 in the directions for how much batter it makes.

......can you sub two sticks of butter for the sour cream?......no butter or oil needed??.....

That's right NO butter or oil needed. It is moist, tasty and great w/o any.

motherofgrace Says... 2009-11-05 16:52:12

this recipe is amazing, and so versil!!! Im going to be making a carrot version tonight!

Tiffany29 Says... 2009-11-15 18:46:21

I am getting ready to try this as soon as i'm done typing! I just came to check the recipe to make sure I had written it down correctly b/c I didn't see oil on there!!

Tiffany29 Says... 2009-11-15 20:29:04

Ok so I just got the cake into the freezer. I made an orange version of this recipe. Instead of water I used orange juice and added 1/2 pack of jello. That's the only thing I did differently. It turned out soooo good! It is very moist and delicious.Yes, w/o the oil it is great. I can't wait to use this recipe again.

margo27 Says... 2009-11-19 22:59:40

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! this recipe is absolutely delicious!! I've been baking several different cakes from scratch and I finally found a winner!! it is sooo easy and delicious!!! any recipe's on fillings??

maddie90 Says... 2009-11-23 05:39:37

I just made this cake last night. Instead of 1 cup of water I tried 1 cup of creamer and I used DH Fudge Marble cake. It was great. Moist but dense so held up well. Thanks!

amberlenee Says... 2009-12-15 07:59:39

I love this recipe, but still want to know if anyone has substituted butter for sour cream, if it would work that way.

justkist Says... 2009-12-23 19:55:06

I am trying to find a suitable cake for carving (ie: pound cake seems to be what people recommend)but I see this WASC term everywhere. Is this a cake dense enough for carving or stacking?

ranae Says... 2010-01-08 09:19:40

This is my new favorite cake recipe! I've made it with white and dark chocolate cake mixes...perfection!

crstevens777 Says... 2010-01-09 12:31:00

I just tried this recipe yesterday and it is fantastic. I have been searching for a recipe that I could use for a white cake that was somewhat dense and moist and was thrilled with the results that I got from this recipe. I have a baby shower that I am making a cake for at the end of this month and I am sure this will be a hit. This is a keeper.

velcrostiletto Says... 2010-01-14 12:00:24

For those that would like to know, this made about 7 cups of batter. I am just trying this now for the first time, thanks so much for coming up with this recipe for us all!

crazyladybaker Says... 2010-01-18 14:56:55

This cake is to die for! I found it first from Edna...I love Edna! Anyway, I have my first big wedding cake coming up and I was looking for a white cake. I have Rose's Cake Bible and many other cook books and have made several of those but just hadn't found the right fit for the recipe until now. This cake is super moist, dense enough to hold up to stacking, has a wonderful crumb for wedding cake and is so versatile! If anyone is looking for a great cake...look no further :-)

BrixieH Says... 2010-02-09 15:02:29

Used this recipe (minus the almond flavoring) for my DD's giant cupcake cake and it was perfect. Outstanding cupcakes too! The leftover cupcakes (without frostng) went into the freezer and were perfect for a little treat! Yum! Tonight we try the chocolate cake for DH's birthday! Thank you!

laventure Says... 2010-02-17 17:23:10

This recipe is my favorite for most cakes...HOWEVER, for some reason when using BC Strawberry...it bombs! It doesn't rise and has a very sticky heavy texture, and yes, I am positive I cooked it long enough. I tried it BOTH with this original version as well as Denise's version with oil and extra liquid...SAME RESULT! If anyone has had success with a nice strawberry cake recipe, I'd be eternally grateful!

mom2counts Says... 2010-02-23 14:23:51

Has anyone tried cupcakes?

hazelhuney Says... 2010-02-24 20:22:40

mom2counts-I've tried it with cupcakes & its great!cupcakes rise perfectllly and are so yummy! my mom dosnt like chocolate but loved it when i made this!

rickrodri Says... 2010-02-27 09:53:34

If I did not want to use a boxed cake mix what whould be the ingredients for a substitute? (Flour, baking powder, salt, ?) Thanks.

Kibosh Says... 2010-02-27 10:37:34

Help!! I made this cake but I had a crumbly crust over the entire thing. i've never had this happen before. It reminded me of a loaf of french bread. I tasted the inside and it was very good:) What did I do wrong??

cocopuff72 Says... 2010-02-28 08:17:57

Looking forward to trying this out this week. Thanks for the KitchenAid instructions. Been searching for a recipe w/o oil but still achieve a moist product? Anymore suggestions for moist cakes?

HauteCoutureCookies Says... 2010-04-01 10:06:52

I just made this using Pillsbury Lemon cake mix. I used 1t vanilla and 1T lemon. The taste and texture is fantastic!

fairestoneofall Says... 2010-04-13 15:21:39

I just doubled this and it made two 8" rounds and 24 cupcakes. I added one box of vanilla pudding and mini choc chips. I'll be filling the cake with ganache. Can't wait to taste it!

chefjess819 Says... 2010-04-17 13:08:19

i've seen that this cake does well stacking, but how does it hold up to carving? i have a hard time with my cakes crumbling when i go to carve them, especially if i have to carve all sides. one more thing, do you need a filling with this cake and if so, is it torted or just stacked and filled? sry for so many questions!

leahyma Says... 2010-04-18 07:32:11

This cake is excellent and I haven't used a plain box mix since I found it. What type of flavoring do you use for a chocolate cake?

TLCDesserts Says... 2010-04-28 06:52:21

I made Chocolate over the weekend for my son's birthday cake. I used milk instead of water and DH Chocolate Fudge cake mix. It was AMAZING! All the kids loved it! Thank you so much for sharing.

Kimboni Says... 2010-04-29 08:45:48

I'm going to make a chocolate version of this today. Can anyone tell me if you still use the same flavor ratio of butter, almond and vanilla? And does the white cake taste like almond? Or does it just enhance the white flavor?

HauteCoutureCookies Says... 2010-04-29 10:18:20

I made the DH red velvet cake yesterday. I used coffee & rasberry extract for my flavoring. Thr flavor combinations are really your choice depending on the cake flavor. For my liquid I used some half and half I had left over from a batch of ice cream I'd made.The taste and texture are fantastic! HTH

Katherinej51679 Says... 2010-05-23 01:48:09

I use this recipe for every cake I make now....When I make a chocolate cake, I just add about 1Tbs. cocoa powder to the dry mixture (cake mix, flour and sugar) and stir it with a whisk.....I use DH devil's food mix and it is so yummy and rich! Then just omit the liquid flavorings altogether.

mosolyka Says... 2010-06-15 20:33:51

Thank you ssssoooooo much for this recipe! I have been looking for a good cake recipe which is not so artificial tasting like box mix and moist but still holds up for stacked cakes too, so I just made it yesterday and It came out fantastic! Just the way a cake should taste! Love it! I have a wedding cake to make next week and I'm making this recipe definitely! I tried the Wilton recipes for cake and every time I made it, it came out horrible! This is the best cake recipe I have tried since I live in the US. I'm from Hungary and the Hungarian cake recipes don't work here because the flour is different. So Thank you again for sharing!

sweettooth622 Says... 2010-06-16 15:59:48

Is there a reason that step #3 and step #19 are blank? Just curious. Thanks!

deedee1120 Says... 2010-06-17 14:26:41

Great recipe! I've tried other WASC recipes, and this one is definitely the best!

DivaMomma Says... 2010-06-20 20:54:24

okay, I loved how this extended my cake batter for my large tiers. However, I tasted it later and did NOT like the texture of the cake. It was very crumbly and less of a cake than a cornmeal-type texture. I am an avid baker, so I know it was not fault of my own mixing, etc. Has anyone else had this problem? I like a moist, dense cake with lots of flavor.

ajooba Says... 2010-06-28 17:58:03

How can I halve the recipe? Should I use 2 eggs?

CookieD-oh Says... 2010-07-03 10:34:59

To halve the recipe you can use 2 eggs, or I've used 3 egg whites instead.

irenemurray Says... 2010-07-03 17:28:35

Any ideas how to make this into a pina colada cake? I've got pina colada flavoring but thought there might be someone out there who's already done it.

tokazodo Says... 2010-07-08 13:45:53

K, I have a wedding cake for this saturday, July 10th, 2010. I"m trying out your recipe. I'll let you know how I make out. (I might have to make some mini cupcakes to sample as I am backing my layers!) thanks for the recipe!

krafticakes Says... 2010-07-08 16:14:54

on note#16, do you mean 1/4 part vanilla?

Tangerine1765 Says... 2010-07-16 07:52:02

irenemurray I have made it with pina colada. I just use white cake mix and use the pinacolada instead of almond or vanilla.

hdedhia Says... 2010-07-20 15:58:09

Have read so much about this recipe on this site that I would love to make it, but has anyone tried an eggless version? what would i substitute for the eggs in the recipe? thanks..

mamakasst Says... 2010-07-22 07:23:36

I am going to try and make this recipe this weekend. I was just curious as to the directions and the flavorings. I don't have a kitchenaid mixer :( so will this still work for me? Should I just beat it on low for about 2 minutes? Also I am confused about the different parts of the flavoring. If I wanted to make, say, a lemon cake would I just add the vanilla and lemon extract in teaspoonfuls?? Thanks!

mots Says... 2010-07-31 02:36:20

I typically make may wedding cakes form scratch. I am interested in trialing this recipe for a large wedding cake I will be making in a few weeks. I wonder if the leavening in the mix is not conducive for this recipe to be used in larger pans. Typically the levening would need to be adjusted. Has anyone else trialed this in larger cake pans i.e. 14"?

miradawnp Says... 2010-08-03 12:10:29

I wanted to make this cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday with a strawberry BC filling. I made a test cake to see how it tasted and it was wonderful! I could only have one small piece since I am on a strict diet, but I would lift the lid off my cake carrier every few hours just to smell it! It smells heavenly. My hubby and three different neighbors came over to help eat it. They all loved it! I cant wait to make this cake again for the birthday party. I will also be back from vacation and off the diet so I will definitely be eating more than just one piece this time LOL ;)

calicopurr Says... 2010-08-03 14:56:26

I've seen this recipe also with 1 1/3 cups of liquid. Do you think the extra 1/3 cup makes a difference?

AnitaK Says... 2010-08-08 15:22:25

Has anyone ever tried reducing the amount of sugar - Just wondering about the results? I love the cake but after a couple of days, it tasted too sweet for me - this was uniced, plain.

kakeladi Says... 2010-08-09 11:15:12

Lots of answers for you:) .........on note#16, do you mean 1/4 part vanilla?........ NO. The recipe for flavoring mixture is: 1 measure/part vanilla extract 1/2 measure/part butter flavoring 1/4 measure/part almond

The lines skipped are where I put a seperation in the typing. There is no information missing.

Regarding flavoring: One can use *any* flavoring or combination of flavorings one likes. Yes, for a lemon cake you can use vanilla and lemon; for a chocolate cake I still use the vanilla, butter, almond combination for strawberry cake I use vanilla and strawberry flavoring/extracts

........anyone else trialed this in larger cake pans i.e. 14″?........... I have made cakes up to 16"R using this b asic recipe. Just make it twice:) That is the same as making 3 cake mixes which is just the perfect amount of batter for a 16"R pan :)

Mixing without a KitchenAid - yes, a handheld mixer can be used. I would increase the time a bit....maybe 30 seconds to a minute.

Hope that coveres all the ?s that have been asked over the months I have not been watching this post. And....I will try to come back more often.

kakeladi Says... 2010-08-09 11:18:35

Oh I see I missed the last ? - reducing the sugar.

If I remember right some have said they have cut down a bit on the sugar. This is possible especially if you use a sugared liquid such as KoolAid, cream, or soda - maybe even orange juice. How much to cut it down I cannot say as I have never tried it. I *LOVE* sweets! :) hahaha

kakeladi Says... 2010-08-09 11:29:05

Oopppppssss I just saw one more ? I haven't answered: Using 1 cup liquid vs 1 and 1/3 cup liquid. I use a Pyrex glass 1 cup measuring cup and fill it to the brim. This is about 1 and 1/3 cups. Some people find that after baking the top is sticky. If you have this problem then use just 1 cup. If the resulting cake was dry and crumbly then be sure to use 1 and 1/3 cups. Also when I had my shop I weighed all my ingredients rathen than use cups etc so that can make a difference. Not many people can get **EXACTLY** 8 oz by measuring with a cup:) Many measuring cujps can be off. (Yes, I have had some that were off by as much as 2 oz.) When it is weighed there is no ?. I hope NOW I have covered everything :)

Tiramisu Says... 2010-08-13 00:56:25

This is a perfect recipe to use for cake tastings. I made one batch of this recipe but divided it amoung three 6 inch pans, each with a different flavor. I used approx 2 cups of batter for each pan. One flavor was basic vanilla, another flavor was lemon, added lemon extract, lemon zest and a drop of yellow food color. The last one was marbled, I stirred in 2 tablespoons of cocoa to half a cup of batter and swirled it into the basic vanilla flavorl. All three flavors tasted great.

khgracie Says... 2010-08-20 11:13:02

Ok..So I'm planning on attempting my first MMF covered cake, and wanted something dense, and moist and tasty that had to be vanilla. So I got out my trusty Betty Crocker French Vanilla mix, and made the additions according to the recipe (except using a whole tablespoon of pure vanilla extract), and all I can say is um.....WOW! What a delicious flavour! I just turned it out from the pan, and since some of the "skin" stuck, I thought I'd give it a tast. Yum. It's great! I love it and I'm a chocolate cake fanatic! This will be my go-to for every cake I have to do, as it rises HUGE and tastes awesome. Thanks for a delicious recipe!

khgracie Says... 2010-08-20 11:13:56

Oh my...I thought I checked my spelling..."thought I’d give it a tast"...needs an "e"...LOL

jade8 Says... 2010-08-21 11:04:27

i tend to weigh ingredients when i can. would you be willing to pm the ingredients by weight? thankyou.

MadelineDay Says... 2010-08-22 12:55:24

Made this today and followed recipe exactly. It baked up beautifully, the density and texture were great, but the taste was just ok :(. I used DH French Vanilla. I'll have to try different flavor combinations - this tasted sort of artificial.

KaezMum Says... 2010-09-16 08:36:07

Has anyone tried this cake using a gluten-free cake mix? I have a wedding cake to make and it needs to be completely gluten-free. But there are only a few people at the wedding who are actually gluten-free eaters so I'm trying to tweak my gluten-free recipe to also taste like a normal cake, AND be sturdy and dense enough to be stacked. I'vem tried from scratch recipes and gluten-free mixes and they are just so delicate that I'm worried to stack them so I am hoping someone has used this recipe with a gluten-free cake mix (or made a gluten-free version from scratch???) Thanks to anyone who can help :)

microbiology1 Says... 2010-10-09 08:15:58

Kakeladi-Could you please clarify the extracts for me? 1 part plus 1/2 part plus 1/4 part does not equal 2 whole. Exactly what measurements do you use? (I'll divide if you make a large volume at a time). Thanks so much! Can't wait to try this!

terribc Says... 2010-10-31 09:46:23

How does this cake freeze?

kakeladi Says... 2010-11-16 15:16:49

This cake freezes perfectly! No problems.

crazy4kakes Says... 2010-11-18 06:40:07

I made this cake last night and used BC white cake mix. It still tasted like a box cake to me. I'm looking for a more Pound Cake texture with NO box cake taste. I've heard about adding Pudding, the closest thing to White I can find is Cheesecake. It that the only option? THANKS!!

SerenityCakes Says... 2010-11-25 19:11:19

Well its in the oven and i just realised that i forgot to add the liquid Grrrrr!!! guess i will see how they turn out i still have 4 more to make so will make sure to add it for those.

MissFluff Says... 2010-12-06 11:55:15

I have mine in the oven now. I'm sure it is going to taste as good as it smells!

areinsbach Says... 2010-12-22 09:15:54

I am wanting to make a white chocolate cake. If I used this recipe should I use the white box mix and white chocolate chips or white chocolate pudding mix (dry)? Do you that would taste good with the flavorings? Has anyone tried this?

Kris43 Says... 2010-12-22 14:18:49

I just made this cake in two 8" round cake pans and there was to much cake batter for just two pans. I guess next time I'll just make a few cup cakes on the side. Other than that my family LOVED this recipe. I made a butter cream icing to go along with this and there isn't but a piece left. Great recipe thanks for sharing!

Nidia506 Says... 2010-12-30 18:07:13

I would like to know if 3 times this recipe will be fine for a 14 x 14 x 3 inches pan? thank you

ranae Says... 2011-01-06 15:28:20

Hands down my favorite cake recipe ever! I've made it numerous times, using many different types of cake mix flavors. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you.

KitchenFairy Says... 2011-01-07 11:44:19

I tried this recipe and it flopped! Maybe it was because I used a made from scratch cake recipe instead of a boxed cake mix. I don't use boxed mixes because of all of the chemicals. I use the Duncan Hines clone recipe from Top Secret Recipes instead. I made the mix and then added the extra ingredients as the recipe instructs. The cake rose then sank into this thick goo so I ended up throwing the whole thing out. I was very disappointed as my sister had turned me onto this recipe. She's had great luck, but then she used a boxed cake mix. I've never been so upset at a recipe. I truly doubt that making my own from scratch cake mix had anything to do with the failure. I just don't know why it failed so miserably.

sunshine45356 Says... 2011-01-13 16:33:41

Sorry...but I am also very confused about the 1 part, 1/4 part, 1/2 part thing. Dont wanna sound dumb but I just dont get it at all. 1/4 part of what? a cup a tsp a tbsp. can you clarify. I am dieing to try this recipe. :) thank you!

armywife233 Says... 2011-01-26 07:08:05

A "part" is equal to whatever measurement you're using. If you're using teaspoons, use 1 t vanilla, 1/4 t butter, and 1/2 t almond, which for one mix, should be perfect! Personally, I like to go a little more on the almond, as we love almond cakes!

saraujo Says... 2011-01-31 21:09:27

Sorry this might be a dumb question but when you mean a box of cake mix does that mean I also have to add the ingredients asked for in the box??? I tried the recipe last week and it was very heavy and undercooked. I followed all the steps carefully and don't know what happened because it didn't rise much either! I hope someone can help me! thanks!!

cakelover613 Says... 2011-02-08 07:40:29

No you don't add the other ingredients from the back of the cake mix box, you just use the mix itself and mix it with the other dry ingredients, then add that to your wet ingredients.

I LOVED this recipe, I have made it using chocolate cake mix, french vanilla mix, white mix, and marble cake, and all are delicious. For chocolate cake, I substituted 1/3 cup of cocoa for the flour, so I had 1/3 c cocoa and 2/3 c flour. That made it taste nice and chocolatey. The first time I did chocolate I didn't do this and I could barely taste the chocolate. You could substitue 1/4 cup instead I suppose, but I love my chocolate hehe. Thanks for the great recipe!!!!!!!!

Tor1985 Says... 2011-02-13 07:06:30

This sounds so good, I have my cakes in the oven now! Thank-you! Just curious, if you made a vanilla cake, could you half the batter to make some chocolate....maybe melt 3 oz of chcolate and add some cocoa?? Anyone try this? Thanks again!

Tor1985 Says... 2011-02-16 08:00:00

This was AMAZING!! Thanks so much, next time I'll try to half it and make some vanilla and some chocolate!

SweetcakesCT Says... 2011-02-23 21:42:47

Tried this recipe 2 days ago, but had to use a DH Funfetti mix as I couldn't find a white cake mix to save my life. Used 2 9" pans, and although the cakes didn't rise much, they smelled heavenly as they were baking. I followed a tip I'd read in another thread and wrapped them in saran wrap after turning them out on the racks. The resulting cake was too moist for my liking, probably from wrapping them immediately. I also didn't like the little funfetti in the mix, but that's all I had on hand. I'm planning to try this again with the DH french vanilla, which I think will be awesome with the almond flavor. I also wonder if this is too much batter for only 2 9" pans, although I see that note #10 says it's enough for 2 8" layers. Trial and error, I guess.

pettmybunny Says... 2011-03-11 11:51:34

***hdedhia said July 20th, 2010 at 3:58 pm Have read so much about this recipe on this site that I would love to make it, but has anyone tried an eggless version? what would i substitute for the eggs in the recipe? thanks..

I know this answer is pretty late, but I almost never use eggs in anything I make (unless it's for someone else, and I'm not eating any) due to my allergies. I use an egg replacer made by ENER-G, which I pick up at our local food co-op. It's the only brand I've tried so far, and I've had generally good results.

gaviota4fly Says... 2011-03-14 11:56:38

I did it and is fantastic. I adopted it !!! Thank you Kakeladi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I want to know why the recipe don't call for oil?

bellehay Says... 2011-03-16 06:28:04

is this cake suitable for carving? i have a car shaped cake due in a couple weeks and am frantic for a good recipe that will work for carving. i typically use BC boxed mixes, slightly doctored, and they will not work for carving at all!! Thanks in advance. Either way i can`t wait to try this recipe :)

homebaker1234 Says... 2011-03-22 12:08:43

I'm curious about carving too. I am making an excavator-shaped cake for my son. I won't have to do too much carving, but a fair amount. Also, does this cake freeze well? I want to make the cake early this week, freeze it so it is easier to carve, and then decorate. Thanks! Looking forward to making this. I haven't made a cake using a box in years...interested in seeing how it turns out!

lsmith06 Says... 2011-04-18 13:46:29

Great recipe. Used this weekend with the giant cupcake pan. Had no problems with it. It Worked great and tasted great too! I doubled the recipe and it ended up making the large giant cupcake (wilton pan) plus 35 standard size cupcakes. Thank you for posting it!!! Will definately use again.

JennasNonna Says... 2011-05-03 07:36:08

Help! I made this cake this week with the French Vanilla cake mix. Added French Vanilla Coffee Creamer (liquid) for the liquid and all the other ingredients as stated in the recipe. Used 10`cake pans. Baked as directed. I didn`t turn out at all. Didnt cook properly. Had to throw it out - three times!!! What am I doing wrong:(

cakeitup99 Says... 2011-05-05 16:05:13

just made this cake and it was delish!! I got 2-8" cakes and there was alot of batter leftover so I made 9 cupcakes too. At first I didn't notice a difference between this and a cake mix, but after a day the taste really settled in as well as the denser texture.

kakeladi Says... 2011-05-05 16:34:15

JennasNonna: This is more batter than a 10" round pan needs. You can get one 10" round *and* a 6" round from one recipe. I have never made this using coffee creamer so that might be part of the problem. I'm really sorry you are having trouble with my recipe. But you are changing it so I am only able to guess what might be the problem. Coffee creamers have added sugar. That could easily throw off the whole chemistry of the recipe. And.....what do you mean it didn't cook up properly? What was wrong? Please pm me so I can try to help you. I *hate* waste.

kakeladi Says... 2011-05-05 16:42:05

Yes, as many of you have found this is an excellent cake for carving. It is moist, yet has a denser texture perfect for carving with little to no crumbling.

kakeladi Says... 2011-05-05 16:44:20

KitchenFairy said:....I tried this recipe and it flopped! ....used a made from scratch cake recipe instead of a boxed cake mix..... I truly doubt that making my own from scratch cake mix had anything to do with the failure..........

It definately could have much to do with it's failure :( There are some who have posted on this site a 'from scratch' version of this recipe. I suggest you search for it.

Kaybaby Says... 2011-05-10 09:41:45

This recipe is delicious. I have made it for regular cakes, cupcakes and mini cakes. Perfect every time.


hlaw97 Says... 2011-05-22 16:32:30

Is it better to Sub the eggs for egg white only?

kakeladi Says... 2011-05-28 15:47:34

hlaw97 - I answeered you via e-mail but thought others would like to have the answer. Using whites makes the cake slightly less strong. There is a version on this site that was adopted from my recipe by a gal for her white wedding cakes. It is a much larger version so for most people it would not be the best way to go.

wagners02 Says... 2011-07-26 15:00:46

Ok followed recipe but everyone says how moist it is and mine wasnt taste was great liked the texture but it was kinda dry can you suggest what I did wrong!

fanofcake Says... 2011-07-27 19:50:15

I was going to make this recipe using flavored coffee creamer for SOME of the liquid. I saw one person had issues with this. Has anyone else tried using creamer and was it a disaster as well?

triquetra33 Says... 2011-07-31 15:48:34

I had the same problem as wagner02, dense, great for stacked, but it was REALLY dry..followed the directions to a T, used BC cake mix. I had made extra peanut butter buttercream filling, so I ended up adding dollops of that to each slice. Can anyone give advice as to what went wrong?

angelpyang Says... 2011-08-02 11:44:09

I have used coffee creamer for this recipe. Instead of a full cup however, I used half cup coffee cream and half cup of milk. It seemed ti work just fine for me. I hope this helps with anyone who might be having problems with using coffee cream ! :)

kaylynndo Says... 2011-08-10 17:28:18

best of the best!

mcmack Says... 2011-08-12 05:41:03

does this recipe still work with BC's new box weight (used to be 510 grams and now it is 432 grams) that is about a 15% difference. Are there any adjustments to the original recipe that have to be made. ie....adding baking powder, perhaps less liquid?

kakeladi Says... 2011-08-23 07:17:30

I'm sorry I forget to come back here to check the comments :( As for the cake being dry - I have *NEVER!!* had that happen. I really don't know what to suggest :( Some things I would check is the temp of the oven; are you using dry or wet measuring cups (I know many think there is a difference but I have never noticed such). My thought is that your oven is off. Have you had it calabrated recently? Do you have a *good quality* thermoter (sp?) in the oven? Many times what it says on the dial is not what the oven is working at. For those of you experiencing dry cake you might try increasing the liquid a bit. Here is what I added in a reply to others ?ing the dryness: Using 1 cup liquid vs 1 and 1/3 cup liquid. I use a Pyrex glass 1 cup measuring cup and fill it to the brim. This is about 1 and 1/3 cups. Some people find that after baking the top is sticky. If you have this problem then use just 1 cup. If the resulting cake was dry and crumbly then be sure to use 1 and 1/3 cups. Also when I had my shop I weighed all my ingredients rathen than use cups etc so that can make a difference. Not many people can get **EXACTLY** 8 oz by measuring with a cup:) Many measuring cujps can be off. (Yes, I have had some that were off by as much as 2 oz.) When it is weighed there is no ?. I have not checked out the new weight mixes yet. I seldom bake anymore so haven't had a chance to make a cake using the new mix :(

rachel2 Says... 2011-08-23 21:32:32

I have been using this recipe for almost a year now and I love it!! It's perfect for stacking, and I have also used if for carving (3D Lightening McQueen cake, and a 3D Thomas the Train cake). If you do use this cake to carve there will be crumbs, it's not like a pound cakes density, but I have been able to carve pretty good detail with it. If you need really fine detail you may want to go with a denser cake like a pound cake, or you could freeze it before carving (I never tried this technique with this recipe, but I heard it works great). Every once in awhile I have a little bit of trouble with the top surface getting sticky, and I only use 1 cup of liquid, but I usually solve that problem when I cut the top part off to level the cake out. Hands down this is my go to cake recipe, I don't think I'll use a different recipe for my white and chocolate cakes. I do not use DH cake mix I use Pillsbury cake mix (Pillsbury is cheaper than DH), and it turns out great every time using that brand. Plus I like that it has pudding in the mix already so it helps make the cake extra moist.

shellik Says... 2011-08-24 18:21:56

I really strive to be a health freak. I am a vegetarian but use cage free organic vegetarian eggs for baking to make me feel a little better LOL!! Has anyone used soy milk either the regular/very vanilla/almond? I was wondering how they bake or if they add flavors? Any suggestions for us vegetarians/vegans would be amazing!

Crazy-4-Cakes Says... 2011-08-27 07:46:13

I manage a bakery that teaches adults with disabilities job skills. We have tried from scratch recipes for our cupcakes but have had no success since there are different bakers with different skill levels on any given day. I turned my boss on to this recipe and am working on different flavors versions so that all my 'bakers' can easily follow this recipe. My boss likes cakes with a good butter flavor and she wanted me to use the butter added cake mixes. My question is, since this recipe doesn't call for oil or butter can these mixes be used and maybe reduce the sour cream or should we just not bother with using real butter? I am also concerned with the smaller sizes of cake mixes & how that will affect this recipe? We need consistent results everytime anyone bakes and that is why we decided to go with this "enhanced" box recipe so we can sorta keep the "scratch" baking reputation. Sorry so long ; )

kakeladi Says... 2011-09-06 19:35:16

That's wonderful that you are using my recipe for such a wonderful endevor. Not having used the butter added mixes I cannot say for sure how it will work. I have a feeling it will be just fine. Another option you might try is just adding butter emulsion to the batter. I would guess about 1 tablespoon would be more than enough. It is a *very* strong flavoring. You might just have to experiment until you find the amount that gives you the taste you are looking for. Emulsion is much stronger than flavoring and probably only available directly from a manufacturer of spices & flavorings. You won't find it in a grocery store for sure :) It is what I use in my flavoring mixture listed at the end of the recipe - even though I wrote it as 'butter flavoring'.

Princessagata Says... 2011-09-10 21:23:42

Hello! If I do not want to put sour cream in the cake what can I use in its place?

SideCakes Says... 2011-09-14 07:38:07

Love this recipe, it is my go to recipe. I did try it with the DH Devils food cake (i couldn't find a chocolate fudge mix) and it was not chocolately enough for me, pretty bland. Next time Ill try adding the cocoa as some others have mentioned and use a chocolate fudge mix. Over the weekend I made 2 batches of yellow cake, one with Duncin Hines and one with Betty Crocker. The DH one was a little drier and more dense, BC was more moist and fluffy, both still delicious though.

kakeladi Says... 2011-09-15 11:15:23

Yogurt can be used in place of the sour cream. It could help boost a flavor. Use like strawberry flavored yogurt in a strawberry mix; lemon in lemon; etc.

Crystal3529 Says... 2011-09-15 21:21:23

Have made this twice now using a White Wings madeira cake mix (am in Australia) and both times the cakes developed a chasm size split down the middle but the taste and texture was superb - super fine, moist and light and not at all crumbly. Tried then with a basic vanilla cake mix and lost the velvety texture so, after a bit of web investigation (I'm relatively new to baking), I've just tried again with the madeira, bringing the temp down to 155c and filling the cake tins more and have just cooked two stunning looking and smelling cakes. If anyone's had similar problems don't give up on this recipe it is excellent! Cant wait to try it with coconut essence next but will definately stick with the madeira as a base cake. Thanks Kakeladi.

kakeladi Says... 2011-09-16 18:30:37

Thank YOu for sharing that info. I would not have had any idea how it would work in other parts of the world as their mixes would be different. It's sooooo helpful when people like you experiment for me :)

nina4 Says... 2011-09-17 12:13:07

I want to make this cake for my sister's baby shower next month. The base is going to be a 10in. Should I double this recipe or just make it twice? Also if I was to make it twice or double it about how many cupcakes do you think I will get out of the leftover batter after making the cakes? Her birthday is the day before her shower and I want to make her cupcakes. Also, how long would the cupcakes need to be cooked and at what temp? Thank you so very much...I'm not new to baking just to baking from scratch and using MMF :)

nina4 Says... 2011-09-17 12:17:03

I forgot to mention the cake is going to be a 10in layered cake with a filiing in between layers :)

kseevers Says... 2011-09-18 11:43:22

I love this recipe and use it all the time. Have you ever used champagne as the liquid? I am trying to find a champagne cake recipe sturdy enough for a 3 tier wedding cake.

holly1225 Says... 2011-09-21 10:33:46

I would like to know if this mixture will hold up stacking in three teirs I plan to use this for a wedding cake on Saturday. It never occured to me that it might not hold up please let me know. Also do you have any tips the sides of the cake are crumbling. The cake is sweeter than normal so I decided to use it for a cake that is not going to be covered in icing only iced in between the layers.

kakeladi Says... 2011-10-01 06:36:41

This cake is VERY sturdy. Yes! it will hold up for stacking - I've made 6 tiered wedding cakes with it. I have *never* had a problem with the sides of the cake crumbling. It usually turns out of the pan w/out having to even run a knife around the sides. What is sweet to one person is not to the next. The WASC is a great tasting cake with or w/o icing :) No, I personally have not tried it using champagne but I bet it will be great :) Let me know. A 10"x2" round cake pan holds the batter of one *regular* (unchanged) cake mix; this recipe is equal to 1 and 1/2. For making a 10"x4" cake I would make 2 seperate batches of the WASC recipe -- only because your mixer most likely will not be big enough for 2. One batch of the WASC should give you one 10x2" round and maybe about 8-10 cupcakes. I would put the cuppies in the oven w/the round and bake them for the 1st 20 minutes; check them before raising the temp for the rest of the baking time on the round. See steps 10 & 11 of the directions.

kakeladi Says... 2011-10-01 06:44:25

Reading back over some of the ?s and replies I got to thinking about those who use yogurt instead of sour cream. I do not think this will work with the whipped/mousse type yogurts at all.

kakeladi Says... 2011-10-01 06:46:00

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE EVERYONE! If you have ?s either e-mail or PM me. I forget to check this posting for weeks at a time. If you need to know something right away do PM me. Lynne/kakeladi

Westheimer Says... 2011-10-25 14:51:42

Can anyone tell me how many cupcakes this recipe makes?

gaviota4fly Says... 2011-11-08 21:40:00

Westheimer I imaging that you can make between 12 and 14 cupcakes.

gaviota4fly Says... 2011-11-08 21:41:07

I did it once, and everyone love it!

Kaybaby Says... 2011-11-13 10:04:22

I love this recipe and would like to try it for cuppies. What would the baking times and temperature be? Thanks so much for a recipe everyone loves.

kakeladi Says... 2011-11-26 07:41:12

........How many cupcakes?...... Depends on how big you make them. Since one usually gets 20-24 cupcakes from one cake mix this recipe should give you up to 32?

.....baking time & temp............ I don't recall ever making cuppies with this recipe but it would be exactly the same as you would use for any other cupcakes you make :)

SoozyQ0173 Says... 2012-01-26 08:47:54

This is the only recipe I will use now! I made this, substituted the cake mix for lemon cake mix and put in lemon flavouring instead of almond and it is AMAZING!! Rich, moist and easy to work with. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!! I also made the chocolate version.. these are the best cakes I have ever made, can't wait to debut them at the baby shower on Saturday!

klamb17 Says... 2012-01-26 17:52:20

Anyone found the best things to use for a chocolate cake? A tbs of cocoa is enough? I have a cake to make this weekend that is chocolate..need a good carvable cake.

Lovelyladylibra Says... 2012-01-26 22:36:05

-___- followed recipe to the T and it fell... in a fat daddios 9x13 with a flower nail... great now I have to bake all over again :(

klamb17 Says... 2012-01-27 13:50:30

I just tried a box of betty crocker milk chocolate and it hardly has a chocolate taste! Do I need to use another kind of chocolate? like devils food or chocolate fudge?

BarbaraM0809 Says... 2012-02-10 13:13:08

I have this cake in the oven right now! Using BC chocolate fudge I hope it turns out good! And I'm glad I finally found out what WASC cake is lol :-)

BarbaraM0809 Says... 2012-02-10 14:11:38

Just took the cake out of the oven and OMG it's yummy! I forgot to mention I added chocolate extract for the flavor :-)

kakeladi Says... 2012-02-24 20:31:22

I'm really sorry to hear that some of you are having problems with chocolate cakes :( I'm just not sure what to suggest as I don't remember ever having such problems. To punch up the chocolate taste, sub about 1/3 cup UNsweetened cocoa powder for that much flour. In other words, use 2/3 C flour and 1/3 cup cocoa along w/the other ingredients.

Apple1950 Says... 2012-02-29 07:45:20

This is how I doctor a white cake mix to make it firm but light. I use a Pillsbury Plus or Ducan Hines white. I add the recommended oil, 2 whole eggs, and add 1/4 cup more water to compensate for the extra egg. The texture is great and so is the taste. The color is slighty off white but you can't beat the flawless outcome. Cupcakes or layered cakes come out firm but not like cornbread. Two whole eggs are better than 3 whole eggs.

lutie Says... 2012-03-15 19:07:34

I have a 12 X 18 chocolate cake in the oven as I write...I use 2 boxes BC Devil's Food Chocolate for the 'stabilizer', 2 cups King Arthur AP Flour, 1/2 cup Hershey's Cocoa, 2 cups Domino Cane Sugar, 2 shakes of table salt, 2 cups sour cream, and 2 2/3 cups of double strength coffee (plus, 1 T of homemade vanilla extract, 1 scant T of pure almond extract, and 1 scant T of butter extract)...This is my most requested cake recipe I have...it is smelling so good in here right now. The chocolate is superb!

lutie Says... 2012-03-15 19:08:16

Oops! I forgot the six eggs (large), also

dianesrn Says... 2012-03-29 08:57:53

Ok, I measured the batter. I makes 5 1/2 c batter. Yes it was messy!!

kakeladi Says... 2012-03-29 15:18:55

lutie, thanks for your input :) It help me and others.

kakeladi Says... 2012-03-29 15:23:11

On Feb 29th Apple posted: ........ how I doctor a white cake mix to make it firm but light. I use a Pillsbury Plus or Ducan Hines white. I add the recommended oil, 2 whole eggs, and add 1/4 cup more water to compensate for the extra egg.......

If you added oil you are not using the *Original* WASC recipe :( This recipe does NOT call the use of oil.

kakeladi Says... 2012-03-29 15:27:35

For those experiencing trouble making a chocolate version - many of you say "the cake fell". Can you please post a pic (if necessary, e-mail/pm it to me). I never had such a problem. I used the recipe for years......about 20-25. I'd like to see how bad it is....just a little dip in the center? A full cake fall? Totally unusable cake or just a slight dip? I'd like to try to help out and solve this problem.

cupcakeamore Says... 2012-04-19 20:01:09

Came out fab! Final pic will be posted soon.

vickim6948 Says... 2012-04-25 18:27:24

I know that some of the cake mixes have changed their size mixes. Are the original amounts for the ingredients still correct for the recipe now? I am going to try the recipe as you suggested. It looks perfect for my needs!

lovinspoonfull Says... 2012-05-21 11:27:10

I used this recipe for the first time today. I think it worked beautifully! I baked a large half round in a metal bowl with a white DH mix according to this recipe. It took a long time, but it was not overdone and it baked nice and level. I then baked a chocolate version using DH devils food in 8x3 pans. They filled up to the top, and baked level too! So long as they tort and shave nicely, I have found my new go to recipe. Thanks Kakeladi.

kashaj Says... 2012-05-22 18:51:40

wow wow wow must say its execellent recipe..love you kakeladi

unctoothlady Says... 2012-05-24 08:24:46

Totally going to try this recipe! How can I not after reading all of these wonderful comments? :)

ufo9978 Says... 2012-06-06 13:48:14

this is my all time favorite. do you think I can use a half sheet pan if I double the recipe

toleshed Says... 2012-06-13 16:16:05

Does anyone worry about the "almond" flavoring as far as allergies go?

sugarhouse23 Says... 2012-06-25 21:12:25

Oh my!! I love this recipe. I did my first 3-tier wedding cake and it was amazing! I added pudding and used milk as the liquid and did everything else as listed. With a strawberry and citrus filling. So many compliments. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Ians_Mommy Says... 2012-06-26 13:52:39

OMG! Just made this cake today and it tastes amazing! I followed the recipe exactly, I used a Pillsbury cake mix (on sale at my local store), and i love it!!! This will be now my go to cake!!

dmore717 Says... 2012-07-23 14:33:11

Just made this cake, tastes ok but very crumbly and hard to frost, almost fell apart while frostin it. The top was also very sticky. Any tips or thoughts on what I should try to fix these little issues?

Bubba-licious Says... 2012-07-23 23:02:32

I tried this recipe last night. Being in Australia I had to use a different brand I went with Greens Clasic Vanilla Cake. It worked beautifully. The cake was moist & very vanilla-ry. The cake actually improved today. I made a batch of 24 large cupcakes & there are only 3 left when I got home from work today... so yeah you could say they were a hit! Like other I baked on a lower heat 160. & they were perfect!

kakeladi Says... 2012-07-24 13:09:42

It's good to hear others ...... in other countries are trying this recipe and finding it working out fine for them:)

As far as allergies go.......I still say it is up the the customer who has allergies to be the one to ask/know about such things. I have may food allergies and must take it upon myself to watch over what I eat....not up to anyone else preparing food for me.

Adding a box of dry pudding mix to the 'recipe' will only add more moisture and flavor :)

*To dmore717..........I wonder if somewhere along the way you forgot an ingredient or did something wrong. I have never had this recipe turn out hard nor crumbly. If a cake is hard to ice most likely it is the icing recipe....probably needs more fat to make it creamy or a bit more liquid to loosen it. It is so very hard to diagnose problems w/o being there to see what went on & how it turned out exactly :(

As for addressing the smaller size mixes: UUUGGGGG :( Those mix companies sure have thrown a wrench into our business haven't they? :( I have only used the recipe once or twice since the smaller size and didn't realize it was smaller so made no changes .... it seemed to turn out o.k. (I retired about 5 yrs ago) If you are really worried about that then we are going to have to use a couple of ounces of dry mix from another box........I know, it defeats the purpuse of using a mix.......one box etc, but the left-over dry mix can be kept in the fzr until one needs more. OR you can try adding the box of dry pudding mix.....I haven't done that so not sure exactly how it would effect the size/rising with the smaller mix amount......... Happy baking everyone :)

dmore717 Says... 2012-08-01 17:47:08

I think it may have been the frosting and it did taste better the next day, I think next time i will let it sit overnight and then frost it.

cakes4dummies Says... 2012-09-16 15:46:48

Any ideas for what I would add/subtract to make this a caramel cake? The caramel cake mix is not available in my area so I would be using the white cake mix.

debidehm Says... 2012-09-27 21:26:24

Does this cake have to be refrigerated, or can it be left out at room temp?

armymom5906 Says... 2012-10-06 19:42:45

Used this recipe for the first time today. It was a full size sheet cake half chocolate and half yellow. This will definitely be my go-to cake from now on. They were moist and hardly any crumbs. The flavors were great! Might try a box of pudding in them next time to see how that works, but even without, wouldn't change a thing! Thank you for this recipe!!!!

kakeladi Says... 2012-10-09 17:09:27

Sorry folks that I haven't been keeping up with your ?s :( I have *very limited* access to a computer these days. To make a caramel cake - my suggestion would be to use ice cream topping in a vanilla, fr. vanilla or yellow cake mix. I don't remember ever trying this. It will be extra sweet due to the topping being almost pure sugar - maybe cut down on the extra sugar added? I would suggest about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of topping added to the batter. Another idea would be to poke the cake WELL with a bamboo stick when it comes out of the oven and pour topping over it. Also use some as the filling?

As for refrigerating the cake - that really depends on how hot/humid your kitchen is. As a general rule I don't refrigerate cakes. They usually will last 3 days at room temp. For my *personal/home* use I have kept cake wrapped in a plastic bag 10-15 days in the frig. . What usually happens is we forget it's there as it gets shoved to the back and when we find it I use the smell/taste test. If it smells o.k., then taste it. If it's ok then we have eaten it :)

Sal2012 Says... 2012-10-15 14:09:42

Hello kakeladie,

Thanks for the posting recepie and suggestion about the cake. My tiered cake turned out well.

Now, I would like to try your recepie. Recepie suggested I box cake mix, Would you mind telling what size of box or how many ounces are in the box? Second, I was unable to find Betty Crocker cake mix beside the ones that labeled as super moist with choclate etc( I believe they pre-made cake mix no need to add. Utter or so)

Last, would you please tell me how far I fill out the pan? Should leave 1" or 1 1/12 ". Usually 1" are preferred to left put when filled the batter in

Thank you!

roxgibbons Says... 2015-06-28 17:27:16

This is my first time looking at your site and am excited to try this recipe.  I have a red velvet cake to make for a wedding cake and am assuming I can use a red velvet BC mix with possibly the suggestion of the 2/3 c flour and 1/3 c cocoa as well as coffee for my liquid?

justchadlee Says... 2015-07-08 12:41:55

After two foiled attempts to have the local bakery prepare a “wedding cake” flavored birthday cake, last night’s preparation of this cake finally accomplished the goal.  The Original WASC recipe is simply delicious, even better for breakfast on day two.  Along with a companion ticket to the Rocky’s Jeff’s birthday wasn’t complete without this cake.  Thanks for the recipe, it will used often.

birdsbug Says... 2015-07-24 20:38:19

Any suggestions from anyone on what, if anything, is needed to be added for higher altitude?  I just had a HUGE mess with a wedding cake because the recipe had no suggestions for changes (read: made 14 layers for a 6 layer cake, and even then, they barely held together for cutting/serving!). I'm hesitant to try something *new* again, without info first.  I'm at ~6,300 ft.  Thanks in advance!

kakeladi Says... 2015-07-24 22:30:06

Since the revamp of this site it has been very hard for me to find these replies to this topic so that is why I have not answered ?s posted sooner:(  Very sorry!

birdsbug:  I baked at 8500 ft something like 8 yrs ago but don't remember too much about changes.  I remember having to adjust the amount of liquid but don't remember if I used more or less - I think more.  I know that's not much help - sorry.  I think in another thread I have mentioned this and more about baking at high altitudes but I don't know what thread to point you to.

roxgibbons:  How did your cake turn out?  I would not have added extra chocolate as a red velvet cake should have very little chocolate taste to it.  As I remember it is basically a white/vanilla/yellow cake with just 2 or 3 Tablespoons of cocoa and some 4 oz of red liquid color added.  Personally I never use that much coloring as I feel it makes the cake have a bitter aftertaste.  The BC red velvet mix has much more coloring in it than needed so no need to add more even when using the extra ingredients my recipe calls for.

birdsbug Says... 2015-07-27 16:17:10

You are right, this site is a bit hard to navigate to find something specific.  Thanks for your advice!  I was thinking most sites have recommended more liquid and perhaps a TBSP more flour.  I'll keep searching for a tiny bit.  Today is baking day! :) 

pattycakes1987 Says... 2015-08-09 16:40:32

I haven't gotten to try this yet but I'm hoping it is the versatile recipe that I have been looking for to do cakes. May be ill be able to post a success story soon. 

Johnschrock Says... 2015-10-22 00:21:30

I found this recipe and have been using for all my cakes for about two years now, All of my customers love it. It is a bit confusing , you need to use all the ingrediants listed on the cake box plus the additional ingredients listed above.  I mix all the wet ingredients and the sugar , mix the dry in another bowl and then combined. Don't over mix this will make it dense . I did find that betty Crocker or Pillsbury mixes with pudding in the mix work best. 

For chocolate I use a chocolate cake mix, the ingredients listed above and add a 1/4 cup of coco powder. this is a moist and chocolaty cake! 

Johnschrock Says... 2015-10-22 00:21:41

I found this recipe and have been using for all my cakes for about two years now, All of my customers love it. It is a bit confusing , you need to use all the ingrediants listed on the cake box plus the additional ingredients listed above.  I mix all the wet ingredients and the sugar , mix the dry in another bowl and then combined. Don't over mix this will make it dense . I did find that betty Crocker or Pillsbury mixes with pudding in the mix work best. 

For chocolate I use a chocolate cake mix, the ingredients listed above and add a 1/4 cup of coco powder. this is a moist and chocolaty cake! 

Johnschrock Says... 2015-10-22 00:21:42

I found this recipe and have been using for all my cakes for about two years now, All of my customers love it. It is a bit confusing , you need to use all the ingrediants listed on the cake box plus the additional ingredients listed above.  I mix all the wet ingredients and the sugar , mix the dry in another bowl and then combined. Don't over mix this will make it dense . I did find that betty Crocker or Pillsbury mixes with pudding in the mix work best. 

For chocolate I use a chocolate cake mix, the ingredients listed above and add a 1/4 cup of coco powder. this is a moist and chocolaty cake! 

smileybakes Says... 2015-10-22 03:57:20

I have had very unsuccessful results making strawberry cakes they come out way to dense to the point where its either raw almost raw or too compact, they would collapse on me from the middle & just total flops, I then ran into this recipe THANKFULLY!! my strawberry cake is a true success, I had to sample one ahead of time being that I have a strawberry cake order for a customer just 1 wk away...I tried to stick to this recipe with a few adjustments...follow the WASC recipe to a "T" with the exception of the few adjustments that follow (adjust accordingly to amount your making) ...use all the ingredients the original WASC recipe list but use *Betty Crocker strawberry cake mix instead *1/3 cup of water (not milk or will be too dense) in addition to your 1/3 cup of  water your liquid for this recipe will be pureed frozen no-sugar strawberries (so if this recipe calls for 1 cup of water you add 1 cup of pureed thawed out frozen strawberries, once blended you pour enough in your measuring cup enough to fill the "1cup" of liquid the recipe asks for and add some water to that puree about 1tbsp & mix, pour into your wet ingredients) so all in all its 1 cup of strawberry puree & 1/3 cup of water.*1/2 tbsp of cream cheese emulsion 1/2 tbsp almond emulsion (don't worry this will only enhance your strawberry flavor trust me).*2 tsp of bourbon rum preferably  (or whatever rum you have handy)*Americolor Super Red food coloring add just a few tiny drops enough to really enhance the "pink" color don't put too much or it will turn to red! Bake at 325degrees NOT at the 300 the recipe calls for and don't check on your cake until its done that will ruin your cake consistency and can cause your cake to collapse, I turn my oven light on & as soon as I see the sides of the cake inside the pan begin to detach I then know its time usually in 50-55 mts (ovens may vary ) if you simply just have too check you can always do the toothpick test ! ENJOY your strawberry cake! 

nienna777 Says... 2015-11-19 15:27:28

Used this recipe for Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes, and they turned out AMAZING!! I added 1 Tbs chocolate powder to Devils Food Cake Mix by DH, 2 Tbs of cinnamon, 1/2 tsp chili powder, and used coffee instead of water. Baked them at 350 for 20 minutes, and they came out perfect each time!!! I wanted to avoid buying a bunch of extra ingredients, but this was definitely the way to go!

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