Top Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cupcakes by editabala

Star Wars Cupcakes by editabala

Every joke-loving Star Wars fan looks forward to the beginning of May when they get the opportunity to utter the classic pun, “May the fourth be with you!” In anticipation of May 4th and all of the Star Wars delights that go with it, we’re sharing with you some of the best Star Wars cakes from the gallery!

Millenium Falcon Cake

By FondantFlinger
Chocolate cake with swiss meringue buttercream covered with fondant and gumpaste pieces.

Star Wars Chewbacca Cake

By Crustymuffin
The Chewbacca cake. 70 servings of cake 100 edible. It stands a little over 2 feet tall.

Wickett Warrick Ewok

By Promeegirl
This Ewok cake was made for my biggest Star Wars fan! Love you brother!Hi all cake lovers! Several have asked for directions for this cake. If you have more questions please send me a note. I used the Wilton Care Bear 3D pan. I have an old one from 1983…but the new bear pan would work just as well. I used the star tip…18 or 21…both work well for making the fur. I striped the inside of the piping bag with white and brown frosting to get the mixed color for his face. I made the face details out of fondant and gum paste. I sculpted those parts by hand and used tooth picks to hold in place. I painted on black dye gel for the eyes and nose to get the glossy look. The hood is rolled fondant. I rolled it really thin to get a good lay over the cake. I used the cake pan to shape the hood before I put it on the cake. I colored the hood with the copper gel color…I saturated the fondant with this color to get the color I wanted.I covered a dowel rod in fondant to make the staff…I marbled different shades of brown. I used ground cinnamon to dirty him. The cinnamon was finer than cookies and made a better dusting as well as the color complimenting the copper dye.The ears are rolled gumpaste and fondant cut into triangles made out of the copper color. I used a large size flower form from Wilton to dry them on to get the curve. I painted on brown and copper gel color inside the ears for a darker look. Good luck! If you make this cake send me a picture! Would love to see it!

Star Wars Death Star Cake

By justkist
We were asked to make a death star cake for a 5 year old. There is so much more detail in this cake than a 5 year old will ever appreciate but my boyfriend loved every second of this cake.People have been asking for details so I will share (though it was pretty straight forwad… just slow!!!)6″ wilton ball cake torted and filled and covered in buttercream (Indy Debi’s buttercream with Cream subbed for milk) Then covered in grey fondant and airbrushed for pewter effect.All accents are fondant. 72 panels were each hand cut from dark grey fondant, the “equitorial trench is black fondant. Then we spent 9 hours combined cutting various little black strips for the wires/conduits and then used tip #3 to punch red Lights, #2 to punch white and yellow lights and #4 to punch green laser points.Lastly it was lightly airbrushed again with pearl sheen. Total was about 851 pieces and 25 man hours to complete… so worth it :) Thanks for looking!

Darth Vader

By BakingGirl
Darth Vader cake sculpted from 2 x 9″ round, 1 x 8″ round and 1/2 ball pan. Covered in chocolate fondant airbrushed black. I had an absolute blast making this cake. I wanted to add a voice chip which I had pried out of an old birthday card but I had already made up the board so it was too small to incude it. Next time I will definitively add it so we can have a talking Darth Vader. Thanks to all other CC’ers who have posted Darth cakes for the inspiration.

Standing lego stormtrooper

By dazeyjo
This is a cake I made for my step-son’s birthday. It’s my first standing figure. I have all the info at

The AT-AT Walker Transport Topper

By cakesmith_duane
Greetings again, here is a cake topper that I just completed for a Star Wars themed cake. It measured 10″ high x 10″ long x 4″ wide. I used foam, popsicle sticks, and fondant. Enjoy – CakeSmith (duane)


By SugarFiend
Yoda, for my son’s 6th birthday. Yoda’s body is 5-8″ rounds covered in fondant, head is RKT covered with modeling chocolate, Yoda’s ears and hands are modeling chocolate, cane is fondant.

lego star wars cake

By stepht347
lego star wars cake, she sent me a cake and told me that’s what she wanted….i am assuming she got it on here somewhere……so, thanks cake centrall!! buttercream covered cake w/ fondant/gumpaste figures… first time making figures, i was very nervous, so i’m glad they turned out well!! :) )

Star Wars cake

By kiraboo
Trying out an airbrush for the first time- colored chocolate buttercream black… fun but boy did I learn a lot. All buttercream with fondant letters (airbrushed) and death star. Tie fighter is a FBCT.

Star Wars Cake

By MandyE
Star Wars cake for a little boy’s birthday. I really wanted to do it black, but the mom didn’t want black (can’t say I blame her – but it sure would have looked good). Butter cake with BC icing. Death star is a styrofoam ball covered in fondant; star fighter planes also fondant/gumpaste, lego figures. Dusted with disco dust, but didn’t look “starry” enough, so I piped on the BC stars.

Lego Star Wars

By mariak
This cake is made from a 6 and 10 inch round iceed in buttercream. The figures and all the decorations are made from MMF.

3D Yoda

By MikeRowesHunny
Yoda is made from rice krispie treats for the head and chocolate cake for the body. All fondant/gumpaste decoration.

Storm Trooper from Star Wars

By barkley
With much inspiration from other photos on CC, I made this for my son’s 7th birthday. I used a 10″ round , 2 9″ rounds, and pyrex casserole dish (for the rounded top part) all stacked up. I didn’t need dowel rods or cake board because the pound cake was pretty sturdy. Covered in fondant, with buttercream between layers and for the crumb coating. My son loved it so much, he wouldn’t let me put candles it it…ha ha!!


By bpshirley
Chocolate leather covered 6 inch rounds and 1/2 ball pan layer, and rice crispie treat legs. MMF and icing details

By Manna4
Buttercream, edible images on GP, airbrush. TFL!


By Bayamoy
For a boy who wanted a star wars cake. Chocolate sponge with sugarpaste.

Star Wars Cupcakes

By PopsandTops
I made this for a friend with a son who LOVES Star Wars (as do I). The toppers are hand cut and decorated fondant.

Death Star

By jess2523
Death Star cake for my husband’s birthday. Made with the Wilton Ball Pan and stacked on a 12 inch round. Covered with fondant.


By krystalp
ice cream cake. based on a cake made by iloveconfections.

Star Wars Birthday Cake

By slester
Used other CC ideas to come up with this. Buttercream icing with fondant light sabers. Used color flow for the Star Wars logo and the birthday text (took awhile). Flames for the border using leaf tip.


By CareyI
Finally got one of these bad boys under my belt! Now I am ready to do one again even better…funny how much you learn from the first one….I would like to get a little more detailed and be a little more prepared. Customer LOVED it and that’s all that matters to me! Well…..almost…..I always see room for improvement…hehehe! Thanks for looking! ;) Oh, this was 3 -6″ rounds stacked with 1/2 of the wilton ball pan on top… covered in fondant…legs rice crispy treats.

Star Wars

By misterc
Thanks to all the CC members for ideas with this cake. My very favorite feature is that the cake plays the Star Wars theme music, I love it! Cake is done in BC with fondant Star Wars logo, it took forever to cut out and it still looks sloppy! Oh well. The board is covered with RI. Thanks for looking.

Light Sabers

By JulesM7
Star Wars cake for a friend’s little boy. The light sabers are all MMF and the Star Wars logo is FBCT.

Lego Star Wars

By kaat
My son LOVES Lego Star Wars and thanks to the Lego Batman Cake youtube video he figured this would be a no-brainer for Mom! All fondant, the characters are standing on the “death star” . The lettering is also fondant dusted with gold luster dust and attached with buttercream. Luke is leaning a little because I didn’t attach them to the cake until we got to the venue.

Star Wars

By cakemom24
Buttercream cake with hand molded fondant figures


By Sugar_N_Spice_Cakes
R2D2 cake for a 4 year old’s birthday.

Star Wars

By sunnybono
Ok…I know I got inspiration from CC’ers who have done Star Wars cakes…so thank you! This is buttercream but I did the middle from fondant and cut the logo from a template I made from an image from the internet. The characters are pruchased. The boy loved this cake.

storm trooper from star wars

By tigerlillybelle
a chocolate cake, carved and covered in fondant with fondant accents

Millenium Falcon Lego Cake

By hvanaalst
Millenium Falcon Lego Cake for a boy who loves Lego and Star Wars. Minifigs are real lego, everything else is fondant.


By libs
Yoda here is made of 9 layers of double fudge cake covered in fondant, i made the head first, then the body then treated it like a stacked cake and added the head to the body. the bottom square is a faux.

Darth Vader

By jcbean
2 8″ cakes, 2 6″cakes and a half of a ball pan stacked and covered in MMF. Thank you so much to bakinggirl for the fabulous tutorial!

Star Wars Cake

By greengyrl26
2 tier Star Wars themed cake. 3D sculpted Yoda on top! Various faces/masks surround the bottom tier including Darth Vader, Clone Tooper, Yoda, etc.


By Twisted_Sifter
Shape was cut from sheet cake. Iced in chocolate buttercream colored black. Raised details made with black colored buttercream “fondant”. Painted highlights with white coloring. Face mask & hand were built up with cake. Light Saber was a 10 inch red glow stick ( my wife’s idea :) ). Flames were piped from yellow/red colored buttercream.

Luke Skywalker Lego Man Cake

By natskys
My son wanted a Luke Skywalker lego man cake for his 4th bday. :) Head and body is Vanilla cake with Raspberry Swiss BC, body is Chocolate Peanut Buttercup cake with Peanut butter BC. TFL

Anakin Skywalker

By JennaB
Lego Anakin Skywalker for my son’s 10th B-day. He is a Lego and Star Wars fanatic.

Star Wars Lego Cake

By kakebakery
This was one exciting cake to make. Who does not love Lego’s, Star Wars, and Cake? I love them all. I hope the birthday boy enjoyed the cake as much as I enjoyed making it. Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, C3P0, Yoda, Han Solo, and a Stormtrooper on on the cake with the death star and various Lego parts, and birthday boys name

LEGO Birthday

By KrissieCakes
This cake was for my son’s 4th birthday. It was chocolate with cookies and cream filling, and red velvet with lemon cream cheese frosting. It is LEGO Batman, Catwoman, Indiana Jones, C3PO and Luke Skywalker (complete with cut off hand still holding the light saber!). This was inspired by tons of cakes on this site. Thanks to all!

Lego Star Wars Candy Clay Cupcake toppers

By angel941985
Lego Star Wars candy clay cupcake toppers, and cupcakes, all edible!!


By mommyerin
This is one of two Star Wars cakes I did for a birthday party for twins.

Lego Star Wars

By AngelFood4
For my DS. Rainbow colored WASC filled with chocolate chocolate chip BC. Cake and board covered in mmf. Characters and Lego pieces made with MMF and gumpaste. Fur on Ewok and Chewbacca made with RI. R2D2 made from gumpaste and covered in white modeling chocolate. 8″ square and 6″ round. TFL!

Angry Birds Star Wars cake

By Slinger
Angry Birds Star Wars cake. Gluten Free layers of chocolate, and coconut chocolate chip cake, with vanilla bean buttercream. Fondant covered, all the birds are fondant, and I used an ice method for the chocolate “asteroid” pieces.

By LorisSweetCakes
My son’s birthday theme this year was Angry Birds Star Wars. His attention to detail is remarkable for a 7 year old. We butted heads a few times as we designed this cake, and we both shed a few tears! Once the cake was complete we were both really happy with how it turned out.

Star Wars Cupcakes

By EnglishCakeLady
Star Wars characters cut with a set of four cookie cutters from a high street store, light sabres modelled by hand. I made a large personalised cupcake for the birthday boy with his favourite character on – the number is a sparkler.

By res3boys
May 40 be with you!Bottom tier 10″buttercream with fondantDarth and R2D2 covered in fondant airbrushed silverFondant accentsClone trooper is buttercreamInspired by a picture I saw online and modified


By eeeason
Made this cake for my son’d 5th birthday. R2-D2′s body and head are made of cake and his legs are made from rice krispy treats covered in white chocolate and fondant. He is almost two feet tall!


By odrycakes
All Terrain Armored Transport. Star Wars

Star Wars wedding cake

By 111coastcakes
Battle of Hoth wedding cake. Models were made and provided by the groom.

Star Wars Lego Cake

By kimagination
6″ gluten free chocolate cake, sliced strawberry filling, chocolate icing

Star Wars Themed Wedding

By Alisa555
Starfield, Ship, Princess Leia bride and Han Solo Groom are gumpaste. The cake was Red Velvet with white chocolate/raspberry cream filling and white chocolate buttercream covered in silver fondant.

Angry birds Star Wars cake

By tmorran
Facebook page- in my mother’s kitchen

Star Wars Cupcakes...May the force be with you!

By LoveiscakeUK
Star wars cupcakes by

Star Wars Bobba Fett Cake

By artmojo1975
My replica of a Ron Ben Israel Cake.Jerret’s Mint Oreo Cookie Cake (chocolate cake with mint oreo whip filing), Tuxedo Cake (white cake with dark chocolate ganache filing), Funky Monkey (banana cake with chocolate ganache filing)

By babylove30
Zebra Glam Cake

Star Wars Lego Cake

By CakesbyCarla
Fondant accents, hand painted artwork on fondant. Legos made from a mold I made of real legos. Green saber is a glow stick with fondant handle.

Angry Birds Star Wars

By FabulousCheer
This cake is inspired from “Lori’s Sweet Cakes”My son is a big fan of Angry Birds Star Wars and showed me her cake and told me, he wanted a smaller version from her cake for his birthday party.First tier is filled with rainbowsponge und buttercream, and 2. with choco-cake.Thanks for looking :)

R2D2 Cake

By Geseka
This was an R2D2 cake made for a family member’s groom’s cake. It is a dummy cake because he wanted to be able to save it for another reception they were going to have a couple of weeks after the ceremony. I used Stacked Cakes information on how they did their version as a jumping off point. My friend has a mini-R2D2 robot so I was able to use that to make molds for some of the more intricate accents. Thanks for looking.

Lego Star Wars Cake

By Andytibaby
handmade modeling chocolate figures


By virago
Star Wars Clone Wars themed birthday celebration, cake = choc ABC, 2D-layered hand-painted MMF image of Yoda, 2tone pearl-dusted MMF stars/letters, bead border, 1/4 sheet | Clone Trooper pops = dark choc cake/choc ABC, white bark, candy clay adornments

Star Wars Cake/Cupcakes

By IrishElla
Made these for a little guy’s 4th birthday party. Cake and Cupcakes are chocolate iced with vanilla buttercream. Characters and logo are all fondant/gum paste. Made the ‘starry’ wraps to hold my cupcakes :)

Millennium Falcon Cake

By EBCakes
Groom’s cake for a Star Wars Fan

Star wars

By rcno
Star wars cake & cupcakes. Faux cake (RKT), lemon pound cake and marble cupcakes. Cupcake toppers are fondant.

R2D2 Star Wars Cake

By callmetiff
3D R2D2 with rct lightsabers, rct sign with edible image, and cupcakes to go with it all.

Darth Vader

By tokazodo
Darth Vader has been molded with rkt and covered with mmf. He is resting on a butter cream iced 1/4 sheet cake.

R2D2 Star Wars Cake

By alanajonesmann
R2D2 Star Wars Cake // see more photos at

Star Wars Cupcakes

By Koccy
Star Wars Cupcakes – Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtrooper, Millenium Falcon, Boba Fett, Death Star, X-Wing, Tie Fighter

Star Wars Angry Birds

By CakeBeotch
Green, Blue and Orange tie dyed Vanilla cake with Root Beer buttercream covered in MMF.Luke Skywalker and Chewbaca

By maureengr

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Thank you CC for including my Yoda cake and Clone Trooper pops! I am honored to be amongst such talented and inventive cake artists!!


Wow!  Some really great cakes featured here.  

This is the first time one of my cakes has been selected and I am tickled pink!   My Steam Punk Storm Trooper is one of my favorite cakes so it means a lot to have it picked!  Thanks so much! 


Great work with all cakes and cookies. I am new in cake baking and I am wondering how you guys solve the problem with copy rights. I tried to find out if I can create cakes for my customers with some star wars design but there is so many different and opposite answers. Any advise?


Merry Christmas to everyone. 


Cake Central, you all are awesome! It's so special to have a place to post our work but to have it featured is amazing! Many thanks to all the cake decoators for sharing their ideas and creations. I made a cake 10 years ago for my brothers birthday... Now everyone can enjoy Wicket... Most cakes are eaten and forgotten. This site is so special! Merry Christmas! 


Oh boo, hoping my 3-D Darth Vader would have made it lol.  Great job on all of these cakes and cupcakes and such, fun stuff!

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