Wickett Warrick Ewok

This Ewok cake was made for my biggest Star Wars fan! Love you brother! Hi all cake lovers! Several have asked for directions for this cake. If you have more questions please send me a note. I used the Wilton Care Bear 3D pan. I have an old one from 1983...but the new bear pan would work just as well. I used the star tip...18 or 21...both work well for making the fur. I striped the inside of the piping bag with white and brown frosting to get the mixed color for his face. I made the face details out of fondant and gum paste. I sculpted those parts by hand and used tooth picks to hold in place. I painted on black dye gel for the eyes and nose to get the glossy look. The hood is rolled fondant. I rolled it really thin to get a good lay over the cake. I used the cake pan to shape the hood before I put it on the cake. I colored the hood with the copper gel color...I saturated the fondant with this color to get the color I wanted. I covered a dowel rod in fondant to make the staff...I marbled different shades of brown. I used ground cinnamon to dirty him. The cinnamon was finer than cookies and made a better dusting as well as the color complimenting the copper dye. The ears are rolled gumpaste and fondant cut into triangles made out of the copper color. I used a large size flower form from Wilton to dry them on to get the curve. I painted on brown and copper gel color inside the ears for a darker look. Good luck! If you make this cake send me a picture! Would love to see it!

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Wonderful job!  Thank you for such great detailed instructions!  I plan to make this for my son's birthday.  He loves Wicket!