Star Wars Death Star Cake

We were asked to make a death star cake for a 5 year old. There is so much more detail in this cake than a 5 year old will ever appreciate but my boyfriend loved every second of this cake.

People have been asking for details so I will share (though it was pretty straight forwad... just slow!!!)

6" wilton ball cake torted and filled and covered in buttercream (Indy Debi's buttercream with Cream subbed for milk) Then covered in grey fondant and airbrushed for pewter effect.

All accents are fondant. 72 panels were each hand cut from dark grey fondant, the "equitorial trench is black fondant. Then we spent 9 hours combined cutting various little black strips for the wires/conduits and then used tip #3 to punch red Lights, #2 to punch white and yellow lights and #4 to punch green laser points.

Lastly it was lightly airbrushed again with pearl sheen. Total was about 851 pieces and 25 man hours to complete... so worth it :)

Thanks for looking!

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Awesome cake! 

I am going to make one for my bf this weekend. Is it not possible to air brush the whole thing grey? Contemplating on if it's better to colour the fondant or just air brush it