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The *Original* WASC cake recipe

Kakeladi's ORIGINAL White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe. Read thru the whole recipe before you start. Note the extra info at the end. Enjoy your baking!

The *Original* WASC cake recipe


  • The *original* WASC cake recipe by kakeladi 1 box cake mix (I prefer Betty Crocker) *see notes at end 1 cup flour* 1 cup granulated sugar generous dash of salt 1 cup sour cream* 1 cup water * 3 whole eggs 1 tablespoon flavoring*


  1. In bowl mix together dry ingredients. It's helpful to use a wire whisk; important w/choco cake not so much for other flavors.
  2. In mixer bowl place next 4 ingredients. Add about 1/2 of the dry ingredients and blend together, then add the rest of the dry ingredients & blend. Mix for 2 minutes.
  3. Pour into prepared pans * and bake as usual.
  4. *NOTES: *ANY* cake flavor can be used. Some tell me they just dump all ingredients into the bowl together others say they sift all dry ingredients together.
  5. Match the flavoring to the cake flavor such use lemon/almond mix for lemon cake; strawberry for a strawberry cake etc, etc. For most flavors you can use a mixture of vanilla, butter, and almond which is what I do most of the time.
  6. You can use milk, juice, thawed fzn concentrates, soda pop (ie: Coke) cream or just about anything wet for the liquid.
  7. This recipe is based on mixing in a kitchenaid mixer. I use position #1 to stir it, then #4 to mix the batter.
  8. Most of the time I forget to add the salt:)
  9. On rare occasions I have used other brands of mix.
  10. This makes the amount of batter as if you used 1 1/2 mixes and is perfect for a 10" sq OR 9x13 OR one 8" & two 6" round;OR two 8"rounds OR a 12" round; and other combinations of pans.
  11. I prefer to bake at 300 degrees for about 20-30 minutes (depending on size of cake) then turn oven up to 325 for about an equal time. If cake has pulled away from sides it is overbaked. After cooling, the top might be a bit sticky.
  12. Some people have told me they use plain or flavored yogurt instead of sour cream.
  13. I've always used all purpose flour. Some tell me they use cake flour but then the amount is less - maybe 3/4 cup - not sure.
  14. The flavoring I most often use is this mixture:
  15. 1 part vanilla extract
  16. 1/2 part butter flavoring
  17. 1/4 part almond flavoring
  18. A "Part" is any measure be it teaspoon; tablespoon; cup or quart Smile Since I made many wedding cakes I usually mixed it up by the cup:) Lots of calories, sugar, and fat - the same as any other cake :)

Comments (174)

Does anyone have a chocolate WASC version cake recipe? plz help
You can use a chocolate cake mix that would make it chocolate.
Does anyone know how many cups of batter this makes?
The best cak recipe ever. It is perfect, moist, unreal. I am super picky and this meets my every need!!! : )
So, can you sub two sticks of butter for the sour cream?
no butter or oil needed?????????
I'm curious about the oil too. ???
........anyone know how many cups of batter....... I *NEVER* measure batter by the cupful :( It is soooooo messy. See #10 in the directions for how much batter it makes. ......can you sub two sticks of butter for the sour cream? butter or oil needed??..... That's right NO butter or oil needed. It is moist, tasty and great w/o any.
this recipe is amazing, and so versil!!! Im going to be making a carrot version tonight!
I am getting ready to try this as soon as i'm done typing! I just came to check the recipe to make sure I had written it down correctly b/c I didn't see oil on there!!
Ok so I just got the cake into the freezer. I made an orange version of this recipe. Instead of water I used orange juice and added 1/2 pack of jello. That's the only thing I did differently. It turned out soooo good! It is very moist and delicious.Yes, w/o the oil it is great. I can't wait to use this recipe again.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! this recipe is absolutely delicious!! I've been baking several different cakes from scratch and I finally found a winner!! it is sooo easy and delicious!!! any recipe's on fillings??
I just made this cake last night. Instead of 1 cup of water I tried 1 cup of creamer and I used DH Fudge Marble cake. It was great. Moist but dense so held up well. Thanks!
I love this recipe, but still want to know if anyone has substituted butter for sour cream, if it would work that way.
I am trying to find a suitable cake for carving (ie: pound cake seems to be what people recommend)but I see this WASC term everywhere. Is this a cake dense enough for carving or stacking?
This is my new favorite cake recipe! I've made it with white and dark chocolate cake mixes...perfection!
I just tried this recipe yesterday and it is fantastic. I have been searching for a recipe that I could use for a white cake that was somewhat dense and moist and was thrilled with the results that I got from this recipe. I have a baby shower that I am making a cake for at the end of this month and I am sure this will be a hit. This is a keeper.
For those that would like to know, this made about 7 cups of batter. I am just trying this now for the first time, thanks so much for coming up with this recipe for us all!
This cake is to die for! I found it first from Edna...I love Edna! Anyway, I have my first big wedding cake coming up and I was looking for a white cake. I have Rose's Cake Bible and many other cook books and have made several of those but just hadn't found the right fit for the recipe until now. This cake is super moist, dense enough to hold up to stacking, has a wonderful crumb for wedding cake and is so versatile! If anyone is looking for a great cake...look no further :-)
Used this recipe (minus the almond flavoring) for my DD's giant cupcake cake and it was perfect. Outstanding cupcakes too! The leftover cupcakes (without frostng) went into the freezer and were perfect for a little treat! Yum! Tonight we try the chocolate cake for DH's birthday! Thank you!
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