Story Book Cake Tutorial

For those of you who love reading, this is the perfect cake!! Also for those of you who read to your kids, this is also a great cake to make. I love reading, and I love to read with my son. Also, this is not difficult to make and you can recreate your own story. I chose Little red Hood and Nemo because I love the first one and my son loves the second one.
1. Take one open book as reference and trace a template with a paper. We would need a rectangular cake filled with your favorite filling. Place the template to start to make the shape of the book.
2. crumb coat the cake with buttercream
3. Once the cake is chilled with cover with fondant and with the tool we add the pages creases.
4. We add one page of lime green fondant and the other  marble blue fondant
5. the blue page we add all the coral reefs with different colors of fondant


6. We add the fish and we have the ocean page done
7. In the other page we are going to make Little red hood in the forest with the wolf hidden in the tree.
8. The little red hood is made out also in fondant


It is very easy to make and you can add your own decorations.
Also you can choose your favorite story and make the most representative part. This cake is super cute and perfect for kids and even for adults making an old antique book for example.

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What a fantastic Idea! My whole family loves to read so I an sure this cake will be the highlight of one or more of our Birthday celebrations. Thanks for sharing.


Oh my goodness! What a great tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing. I made a humpty dumpty...cow jumped over...moon book. Wish I had this before I started.


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