Flexible Royal Icing

CakeCentral.com user Marci_Jay developed a method for keeping piped royal icing decorations flexible, to avoid breakage when applying them

I just found out that you can use powdered gumpaste mix to make a flexible royal icing. I tried the baker's kitchen brand of g.p. mix and the instructions are on the bag. Usually when I pipe out decorations like snowflakes or monograms, they are so brittle that I have to make 2 times as many as I need to cover for breakage. 

I piped out monograms onto greased parchment paper laid over a pattern I printed off the computer and the next day, they were rubbery when I peeled them off. I just stuck them onto the cake! Very cool! try it, it works. After one day of drying, it was rubbery, after 2 days it did get a little fragile. I even experimented by piping a long rope onto greased parchment, and later peeled it off and wrapped it around my cake for a border!


  • 1/3 cup hot water
  • 1 cup of powdered gumpaste mix (I use the baker's kitchen brand available on their website) 

  1. Whip like royal icing. It is a little soft and stringy (the gums), but worth it. 

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Hi there. Can u use Tylose powder instead of gumpaste powder to mix into Royal Icing to make it plyable? Thanks!


Thank you for sharing!

Did you have to cover somehow  piped out monograms to keep them soft and rubbery?



Are you sure the amounts aren't reversed? I used Wilton Gum-tex and there was no way it would whip. I must have added 6 cups of water to it to get to piping consistency?


@cheatize ‍ I don't believe that Gum-Tex and gumpaste powder are the same thing.  Gum-Tex is what you add to fondant to make it turn into gumpaste.  Gumpaste powder is basically powdered gumpaste.  That might be your problem...  Someone else may be able to chime in to help for sure... 


I'm going to try this to see how it comes out! Do you really have to grease the parchment paper? I thought nothing would stick to it.

Thanks for your post!