How To Decorate Owl Cookies with Royal Icing


Decorating cookies with royal icing can be a lot of fun, especially if the steps are broken down for you in an easy to follow manner. In the pictorial below, find out how to decorate owl cookies with royal icing.

List of Materials


Once you’ve baked your cookies and made Antonia74′s royal icing you’re almost ready to begin decorating.
The most important thing to know is that the consistency of the icing after you’ve made it, is important. The consistency of the icing should be like yoghurt. You can thin it a little to make it more fluid by adding water or thicken by adding icing sugar.
Next, color your icing with your food gel colorings and fill your piping bags.


The Base:
Pipe the owl’s body using a #2 tip. Let dry for a minimum of 6-12 hours. The icing basically acts as sealant for freshness, so it’s okay to let the cookie dry uncovered at room temperature.


The Eyes:
Pipe the whites of the eyes using a #2 tip and let them dry for a minimum of 6 hours.


The Belly & Details:
Using a #2 tip, pipe the belly and add the ‘feathering details’ right away. Pipe the pupils and wings. Let dry.


Finishing Touches:
Add the feet and beak using a #2 piping tip. Thicken your royal icing for the leaves until the icing stands up at a stiff peak when a spoon is dipped into it and then pulled away. Pipe the leaves using a #67 piping tip. Let dry for approximately 6 hours.


Follow the same steps for the Momma Owl. Her body shape is just a little bit different.


Now you’re ready to package or serve!

Have fun decorating!


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So cute!! I always try to speed up the decorating process no wonder my cookies are not this good. Next time I'll be more patient. Thanks for sharing!!


These are adorable. I am very new to this. Are all these cookies piped in by eye, or is there a template?


How cute are these?! Question... did you put white icing underneath it? Or do you have better luck at baking cookies? I absolutely love these!