This is for those of you who wish to make a “mirror” look to your cakes.


Amount Ingredient 2T. + 2t cold water 1-1/2 t. Unflavored Gelatin 1/2 c. sugar 1/4 c water 1T. Corn Syrup 2/3 c. Unsweetened Cocoa 1/4 c. Heavy Cream


Making the Lacquer or Mirror Glaze(Chocolate)

1. In a small bowl add the water and Gelatin; stir, cover with plastic to prevent evaporation, set aside
2. In a small pan add the following and whisk over heat til dissolved. Remove pan from heat
1/2 c. sugar> 1/4 c. water
3. Add the following to the sugar mix and whisk
1 T. Corn Syrup
4. Add the following to the corn syrup mix and whisk til smooth and glossy
2/3 c. Cocoa
5. Add the following to the cocoa mix
1/4 c. Heavy Cream
6. Return mix to heat and bring to a boil stirring with a spatula. Remove from heat and strain into a metal bowl. Cool 10 minutes
7. Stir in the Gelatin/water mix and stir til no longer streaky
8. Strain into a glass bowl. Do Not use metal as it will import an undesirable flavor if glaze is stored in it. Cool a few minutes
Pouring the Glaze on the Cake
1. Ice your cake with your desired frosting or ganache, make sure it is applied smoothly and bust any bubbles with a sharp needle as
any imperfections will show thru the glaze.
2. Start at center of cake working out to the sides. Allow cake to set 30 minutes til glaze stops dripping
3. Allow glaze to set for 4 hours or til barely tacky. It is at its shiniest within 6 hrs of pouring the glaze.
4. Decorate cake as desired
* To revive the shine, use a hair dryer on low heat and wave over the cake or use a soft brush

Comments (7)


It sounds very interesting and I would like to try this. Is there any photo to see the result of using this glaze?


ooh I'd love to see a pic too...and what about the choc...does it leave a dark tint? or it is literally like a mirror like you can look at yourself in it?


I dont have a pic but you can go to Youtube and type in ' Lacquer Glaze for cakes' to see a video of what it looks like on a cake. The video shows a ready made paste but ignore that and observe the look of the shininess of the glaze. The chocolate will be like looking at yourself in the mirror just as you can see the image of whatever decoration you put on it.


In the video she said the glaze should be 80-80* F when pouring it on cake, is that the same for this recipe?? Thank you for sharing, that shine IS incredible!