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I was having a hard time thinking of a cake to make for a woman at my husbands work. I had never met her. Thanks to _ChristyB_ I made this version of her cake. I tried to make it a little different so that it would be unique. I think that everyone will like it!!

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So Great,Just got on to find a cake for my husbands co-worker for tomorrow.Yikes! I Love this cake. Will that bow dry overnight? I've never made a bow yet. My cake is baked already. Hope you don't mind if I try some variation.Thanks for the inspiration. Karen


Love the cake. What sizes are the cakes? How many layers of cake you have for the bottom tier?


Is this border called the "dragging pearl"? It looks so freakin simple, yet every time I try it I end up with beads. :( Any tips?