Sailboat Cake

Sailboat and ocean waves cake I did for a client's son's 1st birthday. The entire sailboat is made of modeling chocolate. In the 1st and last photos you can see the life preserve, anchor, and ropes that also all made out of modeling chocolate. The anchor and port windows were painted with silver luster dust. The name on the boat (the birthday boy's name) was made out the rope as well and in the last picture you can see the pins holding it while it dried. The cake was frosted to look like waves in blue ombre. That part was really hard (partly because I had a change in frosting flavor on the middle tier) but especially because when I got to the bottom and the darker colors... something odd happened with the darker, powdered color I was using. Anyway... the 1st and 2nd pictures were the client's photos as I wasn't able to get any of my own because they needed to move it to an orchard where they were having the party outdoors. I ended up leaving them with the task of adding the sailboat after and taking photos. However, you can see that it was so hot, that the cake started to melt and lean, as did the sailboat. All in all, even with the issues, it turned out an absolutely adorable cake! One of my favorites so far. :)


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