Chocolate Strawberry Cake With White Chocolate Roses

It's 2 tier chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream and butter cream icing, covered in chocolate fondant. Made from scratch (like all my cakes) strawberry filling, fresh strawberries (inside and on top) and white chocolate roses.

Bottom tier was a 9" 2 layer cake, top tier was an 8 inch triple layer cake. Note to self using an 8 inch and a 9 inch pan not a big enough difference to separate tiers. Next time I will use an 8" and 10 "

Learning's I had with this cake - need to work on getting them more sturdy, I wasn't happy with how crooked it was. Also didn't like that and it looked like one big cake instead of 2 tiers. Tasted great and I am getting better at making the roses. I wasn't quite what I envisioned but had to stop at 2am to get some sleep. Stupid sleep nerfing my baking time. LOL


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