Groom's Cake

Groom's Cake on Cake Central

This is my very first groom's cake. Thanks for all the advice and info I found here on CC. This was for my new brother in law. It was a Strawberry Cake with Fresh Strawberries between the layers and chocolate. The cake was so tasty.. Between this cake and the wedding cake that I also made, I think the people--kids and adults both, loved this cake the most... (There were probably over 100 guests at their wedding). The wedding cake was gone in about 30 minutes, but this 2 tier grooms cake was gone in about 15 minutes. I only got to taste a small slice. I'm not a fan of chocolate icing, but the site that I found this easy frosting was a good choice... This cake was so so good... I know it doesn't look the greatest, but I'm proud of myself and the end result! Thanks again CCers!


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