Columbus Blue Jackets Birthday Cake

This cake is for a friend's son's birthday. He wanted the Columbus Blue Jackets Third Jersey logo. I sort of cringed when I saw it - because it was a little detailed and I did not know if my hand would be that steady. Besides that, these are good friends of ours so I volunteered to make this as our gift to their son, as long as the cake wasn't too big and elaborate. I am really trying to drum up business right now too (just started my own cake business about a month ago), so the more cakes I can get out their, the better. Referrals have already started. Anyway....this is a chocolate cake with a frozen buttercream transfer. This was my first attempt at this technique and I kind of like it, especially for those detailed sort of things. It is pretty easy and fairly quick to do. If you can trace over a line, you can pretty much do this. A couple of notes that I might try differently - first, I froze mine in between doing different parts so that my lines wouldn't move too much (suggestion I saw from IndyDeb). That was great, but next time I might use parchment paper instead of wax paper - the wax paper curled/crinkled a little while in the freezer. As said from other posts, these do come out a little thick. So, next time I will be sure to spend more time making sure the exposed edges are clean and neat or else I will make sure the whole top of the cake is a complete transfer. This turned out fine in the end, but I had to use a much larger shell border than I normally use and I had to move it in a little to cover the raw edges. Finally, I might try all high ratio shortening (I used half butter/half shortening). The white, even with white white added, looks a little dingy to me. Just my experience. I have a Justin Bieber cake to do for Monday, so I think I might try the same thing with it and try the different techniques.


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