Romantic Wedding Cake

This was a first for me. I wanted to do a different technique on every tier to show a variety of design possibilities, while making a cohesive cake, keeping it seriously romantic, and giving it WOW factor. At the show yesterday it went over really well. I'm thrilled with the result. I really pushed myself on the piping tier as I'm a fondant girl. Not that I want to be... but piping is definitely more of a challenge for me. Anyway... I hope you like it. A professional photographer got a shot of it for me yesterday at the show. I'll post his picture which is probably 100x's better than mine, as soon as I get it.

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I have this in my favs and was going thru, came across this... this is so breathtaking!  Love that softness of a whisper that you put into it.  Each tier I have to zoom in and look again.