Spinning Wheels, Disco Glow, Roller Skate Cake

This is the Roller Skate cake I posted last week, I was working on, in my upset rant over the ?Free Wedding display and no gift for cousin? post. So while upset I pulled together this cake(skate is RKT covered in MMF). I used a clay extruder for the laces(cool), a remote control RV car(I destroyed to use to make the wheels spin with a remote), I added LED lights to sugar pulled wheels then sealed them in so they glowed softly and spun (and burnt my finger (pretty badly) while at it- probably because I kept getting emotional over my family situation!?!). I also bought a mini led disco ball and mounted it behind a school project board from a stand I have that is shaped like an L (goes under something heavy- cake board in this case) and hangs over (the skate in this case) with a hook to hang the ball from.

The cake is a flourless fudge cake(brownie like) bottom with a choc. mint cake top layer, with a milk choc. buttercream in between layers. I made for the first time MFF(interesting and different than MMF). I wrapped the cake in this and made the wood floor. Made 2 dozen girlie(blue, pink, purple, orange) tie dyed cuppies with vanilla buttercream frosting. LOL- batter was so vibrant it made the cupcake wrapper look tie dyed!! Should have saved a few bucks on the colored wrappers. Thanks for looking.

I used candy clay to adhere the RKT skate to the toy car frame).


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