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after seeing my mickey mouse birthday cake, i got an order to do a mickey and a minnie for an anniversary. here's mickey. he's a 4" red velvet, filled and frosted with franch vanilla sugarshack's buttercream. i am a critique subgroup member, but i wanted to let everyone know that i hurt my back today, so i really had to trudge through these two. i know they are no where near my best work. please be kind. thanks!

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Critique subgroup member....Sorry about your back. I guess I prefer the black mickey to the outline mickey but maybe would like to see his facial features. The cake board is a bit too big. The yellow should be in two places on the cake so as to not look like an afterthought. But for a hurt back and lots of work- I say bravo!


Critique group member: Much better than the first one! I think the outline being black really helps ground the cake and the simplification of the design on the side is a huge improvement. There is still room for improvement though, I think the cake board is distracting I also think I would have been better to either have done both borders the same color and different designs or different colors na dthe same border, juts so there was some sence of consistency.