Heffalump Bct Pooh

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This was my 2nd try at a fbct. I had a lot of fun doing this but was a little disappointed that my outline smeared a little somehow. I made the transfer a few days before I made the cake. I was in a real hurry to ice the cake so I didn't worry to much about smoothing it. It was for a 3 year old and her family only not an actual party. Her reaction was priceless so I guess thats all that counts! "Its a real heffalump just like the movie!"

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It is absolutely adorable. I don't see any smears and I think your FBCT is excellent. I'm glad the little girl loved it. That always makes it all worth while.


yes I agree. I bet you were a 3yr old's hero for the day. I remember looking back at pictures of my cakes at that age and now all I have to say is "nice but store-bought" so this is a very lucky 3yr old :D