Introducing Flexique™ Instant Lace For Cake Decorating

Introducing Flexique™ Instant Lace for cake decorating. 

Flexique™ Instant Lace is the quickest, easiest, and the only edible lace that's reusable. No mixing or baking is required. This product is so versatile, it can be used with lace molds, wafer paper, or used to create flowers, edible fabric, angel, butterfly or fairy wings, or transparent stained glass!

Every Cake Decorator 

should have this amazing product in their cake decorating arsenal.

Here are some quick cake decorating tutorials for you below to get you started with Flexique...

Flexique™ Instant Edible Lace

Easy, fast, delicate cake lace in seconds using Flexique Instant Lace

Edible Fabric & Printable Sheets

How to Use Flexique™ to create edible fabric and printable sheets as well as several other uses in cake decorating.

Edible Textured Sheets

Using Flexique™ Instant Lace with  Wafer Paper gives you a broad range of cake decorating projects. 

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How do you get flexique to become hard or stiff to use as butterfly wings or anything  else that may need to "stand up" on it's on?