How To Make Edible Fabric & Printable Sheets with Flexique™

In addition to featuring instruction on making edible fabric, this tutorial covers a series of tips and several other uses for Flexique.
1:32 - Adding color to Flexique
2:12 - Applying Flexique to a texture sheet with a spatula or brush
3:54 - Demonstration of brushing Flexique directly onto skin -- great for Halloween! See also 10:12 for adding luster)
5:02 - Putting luster on recently applied Flexique for a shiny finish
5:56 - Using cornstarch for a matte finish
7:32 - Making edible bows
8:38 - Cutting shapes out of Flexique fabric
9:04 - Demonstration of fabric effects with other color and luster options
10:12 - Adding luster to Flexique that has been applied to skin
13:06 - How to print on Flexique (making transparent sheets compatible with edible printers)
17:18 - Using Flexique with chocolate -- mix in chocolate to make your Flexique go further
20:48 - Example of using Flexique in molds
22:30 - Tips on attaching Flexique to fondant
23:07 - Gunmetal finish

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