Top Succulent Wedding Cakes

Succulents (sempervivum, houseleek, echeveria) or cactus are a versatile colorful plant that makes a beautiful accent to any wedding cake, birthday cake or baby shower cake. 

Cake Decorating 

with buttercream Succulents, or gumpaste succulents can be themed from modern, to rustic. These plump plants come in a lovely variety of colors ranging from minty greens to rich purples. 

Succulent CAKE Tutorials

We love these free cake decorating tutorials on how to make succulents


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I have been out of the kitchen for a while and I just today saw that my cake was featured here. What an honor. Thanks for including my cake with this group of incredible artists! 


Thank you for featuring my cake!  This is an honor for me! 

Thank you rebeccascakes for posting something because I didn't not realize my work was here either!