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Originally Posted by ptanyer

I used gumpaste to make the Bullmastiff image I posted earlier. Very brittle and fragile and the PO absolutely destroyed them even though I custom made the foam core trays to hold them. So I tried fondant with gumtex and it cut out so good that I about cried! I was able to cut out three of them in a couple of hours Saturday and they are much easier to handle and not near as fragile. No going back for me. From now on, only fondant/gumtex for my Cricut.

Once again I made custom foam core trays covered in the thin craft foam glued to the foam core. I placed the images on the trays and used the pop-up dots to hold each item in place. Then I placed another foam core tray with more craft foam glued to it. Made a "sandwich" and taped all the edges completely. Going to mail them off again and see how these do. Cross your fingers for me!

Just wanted to let you all know that the images made it from NC to Texas and arrived in absolutely perfect condition!!!!!!! Not one piece moved from their place or broke icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me! What would I do without all of you...don't ever want to find out icon_smile.gif
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Pamela's Cakes & Confections is a home based business, inspected and approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food and Drug Protection Division.
Facebook: Pamela's Cakes & Confections

Pamela's Cakes & Confections is a home based business, inspected and approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food and Drug Protection Division.
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a couple questions?

1. does any one know can the wish blade machine be used for the same process of cutting fondant or gumpaste; Its very similiar to the cricuit only less expensive & you can use any image from your desktop or internet ( dont need to buy cartridges )

2. Dont you need to afix a picture of what you are cutting to the fondant to run it through the machine for cutting? If so are you simply just laying the printed paper image on top of the fondant?
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PTanyer excellent news, so glad it made it in one piece.

dannya, there is no picture we lay on the fondant/Gum paste. The fondant/GP is rolled out onto a mat then fed into the cricut the only image is on the pc or one of the cartridges, it's programmed to see the image and cut accordingly. I've not seen the wish blade so I can't answer that for you sorry.
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Thanks for the info,
Any one else know about the wish blade machine?
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I am very happy and exited! I wanted to share with you guys the good deal that my mom found on craigs list today. All this for $250.00! She is on her way to pick it up for me now. I can't wait... icon_biggrin.gif

Cricut Expression Machine
Juke Box Machine
Cricut Essential Accessory Kit
One Cutting Mat


Hello Kitty
Disney Princess
Pixar's Cars
Spongebob Squarepants
United We Stand
Accent Essentials
Plaitin Schoolbook
My Community
Simply Sweet
Printing 101

The jukebox lets you use six cartriges at once and the accessory kit includes scissors, cutter, scraper and ruler
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For those of you with the Silhuoette, did you just buy the machine or did you need a different cutting blade? What settings work the best? I want to buy thisicon_smile.gif

Are there any good specific websites to download free template files?
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WOW! I just got the cricut expression & was wondering if I could use the cricut with gumpast or fondant and how to go about it since the paper has to be stuck to the sheet
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Couple of way to about getting your fondant or gumpaste on the mat.

Personally I soak my mats in boiling soapy water for about 10-15mins then take a scrubby brush and gently scrub off the stickiness, then rinse clean. Light film of crisco on the mat to help the gumpaste adhere
Leah_s has been using wax paper on the sticky then placing the gumpaste on that.
Rub crisco all over the mat and rub and use your spatula to scrape the stickiness off, rinse cleanthen apply a thin film of crisco on again to stick he gumpaste to mat.

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Thank you I'm ready to cut away LOL
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Hi! I've been having some frustrations with the cricut and gumpaste but there were some successes.
My first project cut beautifully because they were large images and i only needed the outlines (no intricate designs).
Yesterday i tried to cut out a back to school logo and it was a mess. No matter how long i left the gum paste out to dry, it still pulled and smeared off the mat. The letters were about 2-1/2 - 3 inches and they were just mush. I had to stop the cutting to clean the blade and remove the loose pieces. Very very frustrated right now.
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Yes luv2bake6 I have trouble with the small designs and also if there are bits that are too thin. Sometimes if you have too much Crisco on the mat it does move around but also not enough and it moves. I know it is so frustrating. I always check the blade often as if it has a piece on it it does not cut properly. The other thing is that I have learnt to flip the images so I have the good side to show after it is cut. Linda says on the dvd to turn the image over as it is the good side on the bottom. Hope you understand what I mean.
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yes, i know what you mean about flipping the sides. Thanks. It's quite a challenge to get it all right in order to cut properly (the gumpaste, the firmness, how thin to roll, the pressure, the knife depth, the speed, how much shortening, etc etc.) that it does get frustrating.
The other day, nothing i did worked.
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I've been playing around a lot with my Cricut. It is a lot of trial & error. I've found that mine works better with fondant & tylose (gum tex) as someone previously posted. Also, older made fondant/tylose (mixed 1-2 days previous) worked better than newly mixed.
I haven't had much luck with lettering yet either. Larger, more simple images definitely cut more clean.
I also purchased SCAL & love it. My poor husband somehow added Windows to my MAC so I could go ahead & purchase the program instead of waiting for the MAC version.
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I agree. Outlines and larger images will cut nicely but more intricate and smaller images are problems for me too.
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i have read thru all this pages.... and im ready to purchase my cricut but i have one question can it be used for cake and scrapbooking at the same time? or do i need diferent machine for each craft?.... thank you
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