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Post your WORST cake!!

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Okay guys, thought this might be fun to do. Find your worst picture of your cake & post it.
It has to be your beautiful cakes please icon_lol.gif
Don't be embarrassed - we are all friends here
No judgements or critiques - this is just for fun
Doesn't have to be your 1st...we are looking for worst here guys.

Okay, I'm going to have to find a picture & post it tomorrow. These are pictures of cakes that you have hidden & thought no one would see them icon_biggrin.gif

Oh, & lets keep it clean guys icon_eek.gif
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I guess I am too vain. LOL. So far, if a cake didn't turn out right, I haven't taken a picture. Instead, I would wait to make it again and when I got it turn out right, and only then, I would take the picture. Is anybody else like this?

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Believe it or not...I already posted it! I must have been asleep when I did it. It's that ugly red polka dot/striped fondant cake in my gallery. What was I thinking!!!!!!!!!! It was just an experimental cake anyway. I ended up taking it to a party!

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Ok I'm the same way, normally I don't take a picture if is not so good looking, but I will show you all this one, I think it is horrible! and no one dare say anything to me about how bad it was! well thats ok. I knew it! LOL!
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This should be a fun thread! I can't wait to see the pictures. Since I am so new to Cake Decorating I think my worst cake which was also a disaster was my first cake. I didn't tell the whole story about the cake because at the time with it being my first cake I was too embarrassed icon_redface.gif OK now here's the whole story.
As I stated before the cake stuck to the pans. So I ended up having to cut them down to little 6" layers. Then when I made the frosting (first time EVER making frosting) I tried to make it thick like the stuff in the cans. It came out as thick as fudge and would barely stick to the cake!!! LOL The to try to make it look a little better I smeared the Coconut filling over the frosting to try to cover it up!!! icon_biggrin.gif I was so frustrated with this nasty thing that I almost stopped Decorating before I really got started. It was the people here on CC that kept me going with cake decorating. Now I am glad I did. I think I am doing much better now. However, I still have a lot to learn icon_smile.gif

Personally I think this cake looks like someone vomitted on it! icon_eek.gifthumbsdown.gificon_eek.gif

"God will probably not be interested in how much we included in our day, but how much of our day included Him." - Allia Zobel-Nolan
"God will probably not be interested in how much we included in our day, but how much of our day included Him." - Allia Zobel-Nolan
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I once made a huge cake using pounds of salted butter for all the Italian Meringue buttercream. It tasted like a huge disgusting salt-lick! Oh, and a "Lord of the Rings" gold ring cake that ended up looking like a giant inflated yellow hemorrhoid pillow.

THOSE actually weren't the worst though....

Here's the cake that made me cry for two days when I made it 7 years ago, right when I was just starting out. I had planned this client's cake for a month, pouring over the Colette Peter's book with her Armchair Cake.

I carefully made the lamp from wet sugar in a molded cup, did the "wood grain" floor effect in fondant, detailed an Indian rug on the floor...and then totally screwed up on the actual cake!!!

I foolishly thought a cake mix with fresh raspberries baked into it would be great for this, so I baked away the day before and covered it in heavy fondant. Well, as you can was too moist, too airy and too late to do anything about it!!! I propped it up as best I could, called the client in a panic asking them to send someone RIGHT AWAY (claiming a family emergency and that I had to leave the city) and collapsed into bed in tears at my failure. icon_cry.gif

I was so upset and I've never forgotten that feeling. Needless to say, she never ordered from me again!

Here it is, propped up for the pathetic photograph. There is NO WAY on earth this cake made it to the party in one piece after the guy came to pick it up. I practically threw it into his truck and ran away. You can see the fondant drooping with the weight. I tried to conceal a rip that was progressing down the side with a "blanket" in fondant!:
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Alright class...can anyone tell these ladies what they are doing wrong?? I said WORST cakes icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif You guys are so silly, if these are your worst cakes then I am in trouble!!

Now I want to see some hideous cakes people!! icon_surprised.gif Think of it this way, once you post the worst cake you've ever won't worry so much about posting any other ones. It kind of breaks you in so to speak.
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By the way, hope I didn't offend you guys by calling you silly. I just meant that none of these cakes are bad at all.
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I got to say that us cake decorators are the worst critics of our selves! tapedshut.gif I am soooo critical of my cakes. Sometimes I feel like I am getting worse then better. However others tell me different, thank goodness!
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It was really just can't see the sticks, cardboard and tape propping it up from behind while I snapped the photo! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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Antonia74: I just have to say that I wish my worst cake looked like that!!

Okay I must go to bed at some here guys, but when I get up I want to see some funky looking cakes!! icon_lol.gif
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Oh, Shucks! I new I should have took a picture of the cake I made the other day. icon_sad.gif It was a Yellow cake (good and moist by the way), and than I made chocolate buttercream and ganache. Well, I ended up making the icings too soft for each other and so I had big globs of chocolate just coming down on the sides. It was a mess!

I ended up putting it in the fridge for about 30 min. and then took it out and we ate some. It looked funky but MAN it was good. Isn't that weird, looked ugly but tasted good. Well, it did not go to waste.

Man, I should have taken a picture! Next time I make an ugly cake, I will. icon_smile.gif
~Cake decorators can eat their mistakes!~ hehe
~Cake decorators can eat their mistakes!~ hehe
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my 1st cake the wannabe strawberry shortcake!!!
ok guys here we goes this cake is bad.....i can give you a handful of reasons why.........1st its canned icing....(beginners mistake) 2nd i never leveled it (whats does that mean any ways) ......3rd i didnt wait for it to cool before applying my frosting ( who has time to wait seriously)... 4th Iused store bought wafer flowers (thats wasnt that bad but oh well).... 5th i tried to write on a cake with no expierence......(how hard could that be) .....6th i never learned that less is more ...i went over bored with the suger sprinkles.........
my second cake wannabe hulk transfer
after this this do you think i leared my lesson .........and stop decorating .... no just for fun heres my second cake that was before i heard of FBCT

good thing i never gave up
I didn't choose cake decorating.......cake decorating chose me!
I didn't choose cake decorating.......cake decorating chose me!
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Okay lastingmoments I think you've captured the true spirit of the game. I feel I can say this to you because your cakes in your gallery are beautiful!! You've come along way since Hulk!!
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I can't stop laughing...this was such a good idea. I'm laughing mostly at people's descriptions of their own cakes! Antonia74, I'm actually picturing what's going on behind that cute chair!

Mine is also in my gallery. My yellow rose/teal clown cake with tell me you wouldn't want such a gorgeous creation at your next party??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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