Post Your Worst Cake!!

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Bopple Princess Posted 30 Mar 2014 , 2:26am
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AI think I'm the "champion" of the worst cake maker hahaha :P


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acakedecorator Posted 30 Mar 2014 , 2:38am
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Originally Posted by Bopple Princess 

I think I'm the "champion" of the worst cake maker hahaha icon_razz.gif


Whoa! Not the champion at all! This is not terrible! Now I have to go take a look at your other cakes, if this is your worst one I assume I will be impressed :)

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Laetia Posted 3 Jul 2014 , 10:27pm
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AI've just finished reading all 87 pages. It took me many hours over the last two days. I laugh so much that I was drowning into my tears! I think the teletobies, martian santa, chewbacca, and the mix of frosting that ended up so far from blue where my winners.

I do have one of my cake in mind that deserve to be here. It's a practice cake I've made for my friend wedding. At that time I had never decorate a cake, and never made one from scratch. So it was testing all the way. After seeing this test cake I wonder why she still trusted me for her big day! (I guess it's just because I was doing it for free, as a wedding gift and she was on a very low budget! ) Just have to find the picture now!

Finally, the real wedding cake turned out ok, considering it was my first one (except for the few test I've made in the 2 months before). This one made it to my gallery. It was made about 10 years ago, but that´s the one that hooked me into decorating cakes.

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Laetia Posted 4 Jul 2014 , 11:17am
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ANo! This damned picture is no where to be found! Ok, at least I can try to describe.

As I say before, I was making my first cake from scratch at that time. Because the bride was allergic to chocolate, I've decided to test some vanilla cake and frosting (If it's not chocolate, it has to be vanilla right? In my mind, there was no other option. I was so young and naive...). That being said, I found a pound cake receipe, cooked one 9"x2" and one 6"x 2" round cake. To decorate the plate, I put some fake plastic leaves from the dollarstore under the first layer. Then I frosted my "stacked cake" with a way to loose american buttercream. No real smoothing there... On the bottom layer, I added red and blue vertical ribbon stripes (that ended up "bleeding" on the cake!). Center was decorate with redcurrants and for the topper, beautifull bright pink edibles orchid! I did put a shell border on each layer ( nice touch!) with my still too loose buttercream and my only "too big for this cake" star tip. Can you see the thing? It really looks like the "American flag having an Hawaiian fiesta on Christmas day!" I still dont know what I was thinking Where is that silly picture? I guess martian Santa stole the thing on is last visit.Or maybe rhino-shark eats it...

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Ilovecake89 Posted 7 Jul 2014 , 1:53am
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Originally Posted by harrietwalsh92 

Attempted to make my friend a grumpy cat cake for her 21st birthday as she simply loves grumpy cat, I started the cake late in the day, it was half chocolate half vanilla sponge inside... After spending about 2 hours doing the carving I realised it was 9pm and the party started at 9:30 and was an hour away by car.... Had to slap on the fondant and paint on the fur and features.... It took about 45 minutes for me to create this unsalvageable mess! I think the worst part is the baby poo coloured atrocity surrounding his eyes haha! Sorry grumpy cat icon_razz.gif



Originally Posted by MyFairDiva 

Lol!!! icon_biggrin.gif it's Grumpy cat with conjunctivitis.



OMG I nearly wet myself after reading that comment!!!!

I love grumpy cat!!! One of the best worst cakes! :lol:

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Ilovecake89 Posted 7 Jul 2014 , 2:08am
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I love this thread!! Its good to see that I am not the only one that started off so badly :-P

Ok, so I havn't been decorating cakes for long and I certainly have some bad ones!!! The first decorated cake I made was a Princess Jasmine castle cake for my daughter.
It was a nightmare from the start!! I tried to cover it in fondant -I don't even know how I knew fondant existed but I definitely didn't know how to use it! I couldn't get it to go over the cake so ended up doing it in two sections which meant there was a join down the middle 8O
So, I covered over the fondant with buttercream....
The towers where made with swiss rolls and the tops of the towers where meringue covered in fondant.
The whole thing was held together with skewers!! LOL


These two are also my worst!! I have certainly come a long way since then LOL


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grace24 Posted 7 Jul 2014 , 2:33am
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ok so i had to choose between 2 of my ugliest lol ofcourse they were my newbie cakes, first of all my buttercream was way too thick for the piping in results for messy not pretty bandana designs,and of all i was super rushed which led me to ask the boyfriend to build  me a horse....not a judge away!!lol...oh and had to added a filter to get of rid the uglyness lol 

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simplyme4469 Posted 7 Jul 2014 , 2:45am
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A[IMG][/IMG] My first cake for hubbys birthday. I didn't really plan it or learn anything about decorating... I winged it and enjoyed it. He liked it despite the very deformed fisherman lol


His next birthday cake... after some experience. Still a last minute cake lol. Used only what I had in the house. I started it that morning for his party that evening.

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isbellpartyof6 Posted 11 Jul 2014 , 1:51pm
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AMy worst cake was for my step - sons 4th birthday. He wanted a guitar cake like I had done earlier that year for my daughter. The one I made her turned out great but on his it became a disaster. Everything went wrong, the icing was too thin and kept melting. It turned out to be a green mudslide lol! Talk about a warped guitar ;)[IMG][/IMG]

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emmawooding Posted 30 Jan 2015 , 2:00pm
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AI love this!

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