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  • Baby Shower Tyson vanilla bean WASC, white chocolate BC, white chocolate fondant, GP booties
  • Choir Welcome Party for the welcoming party for our church's new choir director(it's not wonky fondant on the bottom, i promise...didn't show up...
  • Deco Flower Carrot cake, cream cheese icing (with LOTS of brown), fondant accents.
  • Snowy Holly dark chocolate ganache, MMF holly berries & leaves. I decided after taking this picture that I had too much PS 'snow,' so I...
  • Chocolate Flower Cascade 80th birthday cake for a dear family friend (inspired by several fellow CCers...thanks all!) chocolate ganache with simple MMF flowers
  • Choir Director Farewell made for the farewell dinner for our church's music director. GP organ pipes & figure, everything else is fondant.
  • Cowboys Helmet sculpted helmet, all fondant with GP mask. Had issues with the bottom of the helmet wanting to fold and wrinkle, but was able to smooth it...
  • Dark Chocolate Cheesecake dark chocolate cheesecake, dark chocolate ganache (poured & whipped), piped & painted chocolate trees
  • Butterfly Bridal Shower ivory colored white chocolate fondant, gumpaste butterflies & rose(forgive the blemishes--the customer carried the cake inside on a...
  • Microphone fondant covered sculpted microphone on chocolate BC, fondant star cut-outs

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