Alisa Seidling's Stylish Leopard Print & Flight of Fancy Silicone Onlay™ Cake Tutorial

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Marvelous Mold Flight of Fancy Silicon Onlay™

Marvelous Mold Leopard Silicon Onlay™

Food safe paintbrush

Plastic fondant tool (I used Wilton’s #5)

Offset or small spatula

New sponge –  I used a sea sponge for more variation in texture

Pasta machine and rolling pin

Small knife or pastry cutter


10” cake drum covered in fondant and wrapped with faux bling

6” fondant covered cake (white)

8” fondant covered cake  (red)

Black fondant (approximately 5 oz.)

Red gel food coloring

Clear vanilla or vodka to thin food coloring

3mm silver dragees or pearls

Fondant glue – 3 parts corn syrup to 1 part water

Small amount of royal icing to secure tiers and bow

Gumpaste bow

Jewelry charm for bow center (optional)


  1. Thin a small amount of the gel coloring with clear vanilla or vodka on a palate or plate.  Use a paintbrush to spread the color around in a large enough area to dip the sponge.

    paint step 1

  2. Randomly dab the color onto the white fondant covered cake using a pouncing motion with the sponge.  As the color begins to dry, brush the sponge back and forth lightly over the colored areas again to give a slight brushed look.  This can also be done with a soft dry paintbrush.

    paint step 2

  3. Allow the color to dry completely before applying Marvelous Mold Leopard pattern.



    1. Knead a small amount of tylose powder to black fondant to stiffen slightly – I used about ¼ tsp. to 5 oz. fondant.
      apply step 1

    2. Roll fondant to a #3 setting with a pasta roller – approximately 1/16” thick if you are using a rolling pin.  (Settings may differ depending on the brand of pasta machine you have).
      apply step 2

    3. Lightly dust  Leopard Silicon Onlay mold with cornstarch.
      apply step 3

    4. Position fondant sheet over mold, rolling in several directions until the desired pattern begins to cut through the fondant.
      apply step 4a

      apply step 4b

    5. Brush over the fondant with fondant glue before removing excess fondant to ensure all areas of the design are coated.
      apply step 5a

      apply step 5b

    6. Remove the excess fondant from edges on onlay and any pieces you do not want included in the cake design.
      apply step 6a

      apply step 6b

    7. Apply silicone onlay to fondant, aligning the bottom of the mold with the bottom of the cake.   Use your fingers to press design into place.

      apply step 7

    8. Carefully remove silicon onlay, making sure design pieces are adhered to the cake as you peel back the mold.  I used my fondant tool to gently press any pieces that did not adhere to the cake completely.

      apply step 8a

      apply step 8b

    9. A fondant smoother was also used to make sure the fondant design was well adhered and uniform.

      apply step 9

    10. Continue applying the design around the tier, using alignment guides on the Silicon Onlay to space the design.
      apply step  10

    11. The same technique was used for the top of the Leopard cake tier, applying the silicon onlay to the middle of the cake top and then filling in where needed with extra leopard spots that were molded and then placed individually, using an offset spatula.
      apply step 11

    12. For this cake design, the bottom ¾” of the leopard spots design before they completely dried into place in order to add a fondant ribbon in a smooth fashion.
      apply step 12

    13. Cut a ¾” strip of fondant rolled to a #3 thickness,  brush lightly with fondant glue and place at the bottom of the tier.

      apply step 13



  1. Place bubble straws in bottom tier for support.  Stack cakes as you normally would, using dots or royal icing to secure the tiers.

  2. Just to the inside of each tip of the Flight of Fancy design, make a small indentation with the handle end of a paintbrush and dot with fondant glue. Place dragees at each indentation.

  3. Place fondant bow and charm center on the bottom of the top tier using royal icing.


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Thank you! It was a really fun cake to make. I have never used the Marvelous Molds before, but I love them. They were so easy to use.