Gumpaste Waratah Flower

A quick picture tutorial on how I made my Waratah . Hope it will be of help to some people. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

The materials used……………….

  • Gumpaste + Red colour paste
  • Rolling pin, and Board
  • Ball  and  Dresden Tool
  • Water and paint brush
  • Crisco or Copha to roll out paste
  • Flower wire (I used #26 inner tips and #30 for the outside petals )
  • Burgundy petal dust for the inner central tips and apple green petal dust for the outer petal tips
  • Lily cutter or  you can print out the shape and cut it out on cardboard and use it as a template.
  • Corn starch to roll out the little circle using the ball tool
  • Thick and Thin sponge
  • Toothpick
  • Pliers to cut the wire
  • Polystyrene Balls ( next time I do this flower I would cover the ball with red gumpaste before doing the rest)

Untitled-5 copy

Untitled-6 copy

Untitled-7 copy

Untitled-4 copy

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-2 copy

Tutorial 9 copy

Tutorial 10 copy

Tutorial 11 copy

Tutorial 12 copy

Tutorial 13 copy

Tutorial 14 copy

Tutorial Final copy


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I think this is a lovely flower and I see how you do some of it, but I think you should REALLY add at least some short, brief WRITTEN instructions. I don't see how you get the start of the outer lpetals, the picture that has the green fondant/gumpaste tool in it. I'm assuming that is the first step in working those petals. It appears as if the petal has a pair of "lips" and I'm not sure how to get this or more important, WHY have these. Instead of a styrofoam ball can the wires be inserted into a ball of fondant or is it too heavy doing that? It's easy to just post a bunch of pictures, but it's NOT easy on those of us trying to ESP to figure it all out. Thanks!


Thank you a excellent tutorial for advanced flower makers.Thank you @basketpam yes the fondant ball would be too heavy unless you are placing the flower directly onto the cake


Thank so much to SSN_sweets for sharing this pictorial and taking the time to snap these in progress shots. We all appreciate any type of sharing in the community. I love seeing this flower that we don't have here in the US, I had never even heard of it before, it's lovely.


Dear MsGF, basketpam, Shar25, Lami16 and Leanne...... You are welcome :-) and Thank you so very much for your lovely feedback. I am very glad that some of you found it useful. I am very sorry if I hadn't been very descriptive with some of the pictures. basketpam, you are right the picture with the green fondant tool is the start of the outer petal ( used the green fondant tool to roll out the sides and left the middle a bit thicker, so that the flower wire could be easily pushed in without damaging the petal. Then used the lily cutter to cut out the petal , put in the flower wire and used the ball tool to thin out the petal and the Dresden tool to mark out the lines. Finally leaving it to dry and attaching all the petals. As Shar25 said , I did use the styrofoam ball to make the flowers lighter. :-)


Thanks for sharing this tutorial. cant wait to try it. it was only two days ago that I saw this flower growing in a neighbours front yard - beautiful.


Thank you SO much for sharing your tutorial!!! It is very generous of you. A picture is worth a thousand words! What a unique flower-- I think Ill give this a go-- nice to have an additional flower accessory to add - kicking up any cake design. Thank you again!!!!


You are welcome Suzied, MaurorLess67, and Superstar. Very glad that you like it. Hope to see your beautiful versions of the floweron CC very soon :-)