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Beautiful! Incredibly detailed brush embroidery.  I love the royal icing transfer technique.  The multiple colors used for the brush embroidery are very detailed and add a lot to the finished image. I love this.


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I couldn't believe how good it felt to have a guy sucking my dick. It didn't feel gay at all, just amazing. And although my wife delivered a great blow job, there was something extraordinary about what Doug was doing. His lips were like a vacuum, his tongue was also active, and there was so much saliva inside his mouth that I felt my cock was in a hot tub with the water jets turned on.

"I'm close Pam, don't stop baby, eat my pussy while my man sucks that cock," Kimberly exhorted, seeming close to orgasm.

Unfortunately, the amazing blow job, my wife going down on another woman, Kimberly's intense breathing and verbal encouragement, and all my wife's earlier foot rub teasing at the restaurant had my balls boiling in just a minute or so of Doug's sucking.

I warned, a little embarrassed I was about to come so quickly, "I'm going to come."

"Come in my man's cock sucking mouth, Mike, he loves a big hot load of man cum," Kimberly said, as Doug began bobbing faster and she began grinding faster on my wife's face.

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"Oh man, that's so good," I groaned, as he kept extracting my load.

"Isn't he a great cock sucker?" Kimberly asked, as she enjoyed her own orgasm, my wife still between her legs, assumedly licking up her cum.

"The best," I agreed, this easily the best blow job I'd ever experienced, albeit due to my own lack of control, also the briefest... usually I could last quite a while when getting head, but tonight I was completely at his mercy.

"Yeah, the Boy Scouts were really good for him," she said scandalously. "So much dick, so much downtime."

"I just collected merit badges," I said, thinking my experience was a lot different.

"He collected gallons of cum," Kimberly said, as she finally released my wife's head.

My wife looked up and said, "Thanks, that was the best dessert ever."

"I'm told my pussy is quite tasty," Kimberly said.

"They were telling the truth," Pam said, as she looked over to me, still with my dick in another guy's mouth. "Ready for your dessert?"

"Yeah," I nodded, thinking I'd possibly never have an opportunity like this again .

Kimberly said, "Come sit down beside me baby, and let Mike return the favour."

Mike allowed my cock to leave his mouth and wordlessly walked over and sat down beside his wife.

"And I'm a little hungry too," Kimberly said, as she stood up, pulled my wife up and kissed her. She then playfully pushed her onto the couch beside her man.

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"Oh yes, fuck," Pam moaned, as she got licked. "Get over here, baby, I want to see you get your dessert."

As I walked to the couch, she added, "Because I really want to watch you suck a cock."

"This is so crazy," I said, as I reached them.