How to Make a Gumpaste Daffodil


Daffodils, also known as narcissus, are some of spring’s most beautiful flowers. Their bright colors and unique shape can turn even the simplest cake into a cheerful, spring delight, and they’re surprisingly simple to make from gumpaste!


Celpad with 3 holes
Dresden tool
28 gauge wire
Gumpaste in green and yellow
Rolling pins
Round cutter
Small leaf cutter
Silk veining tool
6 Stamens
Stargazer lily veiner
Styrofoam block

Step 1

Roll paste over the largest hole.

Step 2

Cut the shape with a small round cutter. The size of the cutter depends on the size of the flower you want.

Step 3

Now you will frill the edges and hollow out the center. First hollow it out a bit with a celpin.

Step 4

Next frill the edge with the dresden tool to pull out the tips some.

Step 5

Then use the silk veining tool to smooth. Try different methods to achieve the look you like.

Step 6

Prepare your 6 stamens by making them into a cluster and covering them with a small amount of green gumpaste. You can make your own stamens by using 30 gauge wire and rolling a very tiny ball of gumpaste on it. The center stamen is made similarly, but you should use a heavier wire and leave a tiny ball at the top. Flatten it standing it on the top take a dresden tool or pointed end of smallest celstick, and pull out the edges.

Stepp 6

Now you will attach it to the center stamens. Add a bit of egg white inside at the base, and slide in the stamens. Pinch gently around the base to attach and stand in styrofoam to dry.

Step 8

Using a small basic leaf cutter, cut out 6 petals and 6 pieces of the 28 gauge wire. Add veins using the Stargazer lily veiner.

Step 7

Soften the edges.

Step 10


Let the petals dry in cupped shape.

Step 11

After it is all dry, add the color. Add touches of orange around the tips, and then blend it in with the yellow just to highlight. You can add yellow over the whole petal if you want a brighter look.



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Thanks Shaile for the lovely tutorial. Much easier than my method. I noticed you are using your high tech flower former again - lol See you on FB :)