Easy Rainbow Cupcake Frosting and Custom Icing Colors Tutorial

These rainbow cupcakes are certainly a treat for the eye and offer a lot of opportunity to get creative! With a sweet spectrum of vibrant color combinations, the possibilities are endless using this bag striping technique. You can keep it simple using your gel colors as they come, but we think you can take your icing to the next level with colors from Sugarbelle’s icing color mixing chart:

icing color chart
 icing color chart

Learn how to make these beautiful multi-coloured Rainbow Frosting Swirls for topping your beautiful cupcake creations! Simple and effective, colours can be changed to suit any theme!

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I definitely like your idea. It's also something easy to achieve. If I may, I'd like to offer two suggestions to make this decorating technique even easier. First, use a somewhat larger bag and before you begin to fill your bag with any of the frostings fold the top 2 to 3 inches of the bag down to form a "collar" on the bag. This is a great habit to use anytime you fill a piping bag. This eliminates that worry of the bag falling closed or getting any frosting on the outside or top of the bag where you have to handle it. Also, for anyone that needs an extra "pair of hands" here's a trick when filling a bag, place the bag with the folded top in a tall glass, tumbler, candy tube, or anything that's round, skinny and tall. It IS like having an extra pair of hands. Wilton now sells an item to do this job but why pay for something when a drinking glass or other item works the same way? They actually taught us this in my very first cake decorating class. Finally, this is an idea I only recently learned myself. When it comes time to push the frosting to the end of the bag and close it, use a rubber dough or board scraper to push on the outside of the bag while holding it flat on the table or counter. It works amazingly well. Also, for those that don't like to worry about keeping the bag closed and the frosting from leaking out the top, the Wilton company has an item called an icing bag tie that is easy to apply to the top of the bag full of frosting and keeps it closed at the top for you. Thanks for the demonstration and I can't WAIT to try it myself!!!