Bubbling Halloween Cauldron Cake

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Today I made a Halloween Cauldron Cake that actually bubbles, smokes and steams like a bubbling stew using a simple special effect.

Link to the Giant Gummi Snake: https://www.vat19.com/item/giant-gummy-snake?adid=mycupadd
Link to the Gummi Skull Pops: https://www.vat19.com/item/giant-gummy-skull-on-a-stick?adid=mycupadd
Check out Vat 19′s YouTube channel:

Check out Vat 19′s website:

She’ll post tutorial on the look (& one for Squish!) soon

Tools & Equipment:
Non stick spray
2 x 8″ cake tins
1 x metal bowl (8″ diameter)
Rolling pin
Pastry brush
Serrated edge knife
2 x fat straws (or skewers)
Offset spatula
Pizza cutter
4 x plastic test tubes (or shot glasses)
1 x 2″ circle cutter
14″ cake board (wooden or extra thick)
8″ cake board (cardboard)
7″ cake board (cardboard)
Baking / greaseproof paper

Green food colour paste (I use americolour forest green, electric green and green)
Gross candy (I used frogs, worms and chicken feet along with some candy bones)
Chocolate balls (maltesers / whoppers / aero mint balls)
3 x gummi skull pops (link above)
1 x gummy giant snake (link above)
Black fondant (approx 1 kilo)

15 eggs
1.25kg butter

Ganache (batch one – between layers & crumb coat)
600g white chocolate
300g whipping cream (35% milk fat)

Ganache (batch 2 – outer coating)
1kg white chocolate
300g whipping cream (35% milk fat)

Ganache (batch 3 – inner & top ‘slime’)
450g white chocolate
300g whipping cream (35% milk fat)

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Xx Elise

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This is a fun idea! Can't wait to try it. I did notice the cake recipe seems to have been cut off though. Only the eggs and butter have been included. Could re recipe, please be reposted?


Just curious about accidentally spilling the dry ice on the cake.  Is there a health risk with a tiny amount of bits that might fall out of the spoon when adding the dry ice to the tubes?